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Happy Danube Day

On 29th of June each year, the 14 countries of the Danube River Basin jointly celebrate one of Europe's greatest river systems, along with its people and the wildlife that rely on it. Due to the various restrictions on public gatherings throughout the Danube River Basin still in place as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Danube Day celebrations have shifted online.

Today, on Danube Day, IAWD has an exciting announcement to make!

The pandemic crisis taught us once more the importance of digital networking and virtual meeting places due to the pandemic. One more reason why now is the perfect moment to introduce a new, improved, full-spectrum web:

Voice of the Danube brings all digital services of IAWD in one great web – including D-LeaP, the Danube Water Program and all the Danubis.org content.

Now is also the perfect moment to join the Voice of the Danube Community for free: Register now to stay in touch and unlock all the features of the new web!


UPDATE: "The response of the Danube region’s water service sector on the Corona crisis"

IAWD and the World Bank are pleased to announce a webinar series "The response of the Danube region’s water service sector on the Corona crisis" to be hosted in the frame of the Danube Water Program. The objective of the webinars is to share useful and practical experience for managing water services and utilities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, to allow for an exchange between utilities on useful response mechanisms, as well as to exchange on how business continuity can be ensured under the ongoing circumstances.

Dates and topics:

7 May 2020: Managing water services in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic

14 May 2020: Exchange of experiences between water utilities in delivering services in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic

28 May 2020: Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic for ensuring business continuity of water services

10 June 2020: COVID-19 Financial Impact Assessment Tool for water service providers

24 June 2020: Detecting and managing Covid-19 in sanitary wastewater


2020 World Water Day on Water and Climate Change

World Water Day 2020 is about water and climate change – and how they are inextricably linked. We celebrate it while humanity faces right now a health crisis of historic proportions. Around the world, people discover the shocking fragility of structures we have mistakenly taken for granted. They also experience the value of grassroots networking, solidarity, mutual support, spontaneous creativity and shared effort in the face of danger and difficulties. Let us extend our gratitude to all those who pull their weight to tackle the Corona crisis, especially those who keep critical infrastructures like health services or water and energy supply going.

Let us also draw inspiration, motivation and courage from our collective experience and, having eventually overcome the current health crisis, move on to tackle the next huge challenge: Adapting to the water effects of climate change will also protect health and save lives. Using water more efficiently will reduce greenhouse gases. In this, success will again depend on networking, mutual support, creativity, solidarity and shared efforts. We see plenty reason for optimism in this respect.

In particular on World Water Day we thank you for joining the effort to tackle “water and climate – the next challenge”.


Danube Water Forum and Danube Hub Workshop postponed to autumn 2020

After consultations between the Danube Water Program and the local hosts in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH, and based on the growing concern surrounding the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Danube Water Forum scheduled for end of April will be postponed.

The Danube Water Program is aiming to hold the Forum this fall, and updates will be published once a new date has been selected. To keep up to date with the latest developments regarding the Danube Water Forum and the broader Danube Water Program, please sign up for the Danube Water Program Newsletter here.


IAWD seeks individual consultant to develop a communication strategy for activities developed under the Danube Water Program

The International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD) has received financing (Grant No.:TF071876) from the Austrian Government, administered by the World Bank, to implement Component 2 of the „Danube Region Water Supply and Waste Water Sector Capacity Building Program“, better known as Danube Water Program (DWP).

With the support of the DWP, a set of activities has been in launched within the Danube region to build the capacity of utility companies to provide sustainable water and wastewater services, e.g. the Danube Water Conference, the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) and the open online knowledge space DANUBIS.org.

At this stage, IAWD as well as the DWP including all above mentioned activities communicate independently from each other (i.e. separate website and newsletters) with only limited interrelation among each other. IAWD is therefore searching for an individual consultant to review the current communication tools and develop and present a strategy how to effectively and efficiently communicate with its stakeholders including a social media presence.

Full details of the assignment and expected steps are included in the Terms of Reference. The assignment will be based on a short term contract with IAWD. The assignment is expected to be completed in December 31, 2019.

Expressions of interest (including complete CV, cover letter and a reference list of work) as part of the application must be delivered (by mail or by e-mail) to the address below by August 31, 2019.

IAWD - International Association of Water Service Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area

Attn: Philip Weller, Danube Water Program

c/o World Bank Praterstrasse 31/18,

A-1020 Vienna, Austria

E-mail: weller@iawd,at with a copy to schilling(at)iawd(dot)at

ToR Communication Strategy


Gender equality in the Danube region's utilities

Beginning in 2017, the Danube Water Program and the World Bank Global Water Security and Sanitation Partnership collaborated with three pioneering utilities in the Danube region to take a closer look at gender equality in their workplace: Brasov Regional Water Utility in Romania (859 employees); the Prishtina Regional Water Utility in Kosovo (529 employees); and the Tirana Water Utility in Albania (1,181 employees).

These utilities participated in a comprehensive gender assessment survey using the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) methodology, which provides an international benchmark for gender equality and allows companies to obtain a global certification (http://edge-cert.org).

A webinar on the topic was hosted by the World Bank on 11 March and the recording of the webinar can be found here.

In addition, a webinar hosted by IWA focusing on diversity in the water worforce from a global persepctive with participation from the Danube region will take place on 2 July 2019. Further information on the webinar.

Further information


Impressions of the 2019 Danube Water Conference

In its seventh year, the Danube Water Conference traditionally happening in May each year in Vienna, has again proved to be THE gathering of the Danube region’s water family.

This year’s conference on “Achieving resilience in water and wastewater utilities in the Danube region” brought together 200+ people coming from 25+ countries representing all stakeholders of the water sector to discuss the way forward towards smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable services.

In her keynote speech Monika Weber-Fahr, CEO of the Global Water Partnership, pointed out that resilience is the ability to “bounce back” after a shock or negative development and talked among others about the importance of resilient leadership to build a resilient water sector.

Consequently, the investment in human capital was one of the guiding principles during the two days event. The State of the Sector update report identified the capacity of people as one of the remaining key challenges in the region and referred to the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) as one of the possible options to improve the situation.

In the session on “Managing talents for resilient services”, Jasmine Boehm highlighted that the entire pool of talents needs to be sourced to ensure a diverse workforce and finally resilient water and wastewater services. Further on, the audience identified an inspiring leadership as the key element to attract talent into utilities and appreciated IAWD’s concept of a Utility Management Training, which is currently under development.

On the second Day, Michel Sponar, Deputy Head of DG ENV C2 in the European Commission presented his talk on the "Evaluation and recast of EU water policies – status, challenges and lessons learned”. Although there are still some barriers preventing the full implementation of water policies, such as lack of political will or too optimistic deadlines due to lack of serious planning, the success is obvious due to a simple, clear and focused legislation as well as the EU carrot and stick approach (EU funds vs. infringement).

Other topics discussed in the tow days include cooperation as a tool to achieve resilient services, financing for resilient water infrastructure projects as well as the upcoming component on water security, which is to be developed by the World Bank under the third phase of the Danube Water Program.

In the interactive closing of the conference the audience identified “Investment in people” followed by “Financing instruments should listen to bottom-up needs” and finally “Communication and collaboration between all stakeholders are essential to meet SDG targets” as the take home messages from this year’s conference.


What to expect at upcoming 2019 Danube Water Conference?

The upcoming 2019 Danube Water Conference on "Achieving resilience in water and wastewater utilities in the Danube Region" will again demonstrate why this event is the key event for water sector stakeholders in the region. More than 180 registered participants from more than 25 countries will gather to discuss the latest developments.

Highlights are two high level keynote speeches delivered by Monika Weber-Fahr, CEO and Executive Secretary of the Global Water Partnership on "Why do we need a resilient water sector" as well as by Michel Sponar, Deputy Head of DG ENV C2 in the European Commission on the "Evaluation and recast of EU water policies – status, challenges and lessons learned".

To find out more details on the other sessions, the social activities as well as the networking opportunities with our conference supporters, please consult the Conference Brochure!

Conference Brochure


IAWD and GWP CEE sign a Memorandum of Understanding

On 15 February 2019, Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe (GWP CEE) and the International Association of Water supply companies in the Danube river catchment rea (IAWD) signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The Memorandum of Understanding is an excellent opportunity to complement the expertise and partnerships that the two organizations have built in their networks.

Both organizations have extensive networks of partners/members, with which they work, and which could benefit from mutual experience and knowledge sharing. The missions of GWP CEE and IAWD are complementary, with GWP CEE focusing on advocacy for integrated water resources management and IAWD on sustainable development of water supply and sanitation services.

GWP CEE and IAWD agreed to strengthen a cooperation in knowledge sharing and capacity building activities. Both organizations have a strong commitment to youth and will continue working further towards more active involvement of young water professionals in water governance. Another area of mutual interest is the support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) processes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that will engage both networks of partners/members.

With IAWD’s extensive technology and engineering expertise, and GWP CEE’s water governance and stakeholder engagement knowledge, both organizations plan to join forces in identifying possibilities for joint project proposals to ensure a better water resource management in the region.

Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe


Final Seminar of the fourth cycle of the Utility Benchmarking Program in the Ukrainian Benchmarking Hub successfully delivered

On November 21 - 23, the closing workshop of the fourth cycle of the Utility Benchmarking Program in the Ukrainian Benchmarking Hub took place in Lviv with the support of the Danube Water Program. The event was attended by 65 participants, i.e. representatives of 15 enterprises of the water supply and sewerage sector of Ukraine, the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD, Austria), European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC, the Netherlands), Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection (Federal State of Bavaria), Chamber of Commerce “Polish Waterworks” (Izba Gospodarcza "Wodociągi Polskie", Poland), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, WWTP of Nuremberg, specialists from Bulgaria, representatives of famous companies Huber and Siemens and others.

One session of the seminar dealt with "International experience: Exchanging of experience of German experts with Ukrainian utilities representatives in order to find the best solutions for performance improvement according to benchmarking results" and enabled knowledge axchange between german and ukrainian utilities.

Representatives of LCME “Lvivvodokanal”, Private JSC "JSC "Kyivvodocanal", CE "Kolomiyavodocanal", CE "Ivano-Frankivskvodoekotekhprom", CE “Kremenchukvodokanal”, СE "Company "Donbass Water", CE "Chernihivvodokanal", CE "Vodokanal" of Zaporizhzhia City, CE “Mykolaivvodokanal”, Dolyna PM of WSS made presentations on the positive experience of introducing the latest technologies in recent times, as well as plans for their implementation in the future. On the November 23 for participants was organized the visit to the station of production of sodium hypochlorite of Lviv City Municipal Enterprise “Lvivvodokanal”.

Further information


Gender Assessment in Three Water Utilities: Brasov Water Utility, Prishtina RWC and Tirana Water Utility

The World Bank has supported the development of three gender assessments using the methodology developed by EDGE Certified Foundation ( http://edge-cert.org/). The World Bank and EDGE have been working closely for the past year with the Brasov Regional Water Utility in Romania, the Prishtina Regional Water Utility in Kosovo and the Tirana Water Utility in Albania to carry out the gender diagnostics at different organizational levels. In Brasov and Tirana, the assessment also looked at age diversity. The assessments sought to find out the status of the following characteristics of gender equality: i) Strong gender balance at all levels of the organization; ii) A solid framework of effective policies and practices to ensure equitable career flows for both women and men and iii) An inclusive culture as reflected in employees’ high ratings in terms of career development opportunities.

All gender assessments have been completed and results have or are being discussed with each of the utilities management. A workshop will be held in Vienna on October 15, 2018 to bring together the experiences of the three utilities, discuss the development of an action plan to address any gaps identified and potential pathways for implementation, bringing in best practices from companies that already received the global certification standard on gender equality. The experiences gained will be valuable to inform further regional dialogue on how utilities can achieve optimal performance through inclusive human resource management practices.


Seminar on "Wastewater treatment and sewage sludge management" successfully organised by Ukrainian Benchmarking Hub

From September 22 to 29, representatives from 16 Ukrainian enterprises, which participate in the IV cycle of the DWP “Benchmarking” Project, based on cooperation between the Danube Water Program and the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection of Bavaria, participated in the training workshop " Wastewater treatment and sewage sludge management ", which was held on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany, Bavaria. The focus was on technologies for recycling and utilization of sewage sludge.

Within the framework of the seminar program in Munich at the Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection of Bavaria, participants were briefed on the Ministry’s working field, as well as lectures on legal demands on the discharge of wastewater and sewage sludge in Germany, sewage sludge analytics, which is subject to use in agriculture, a detailed list of parameters of sewage sludge regulated on a legal basis.

On September 24, the official "Day of Ukraine in Bavaria" was held at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies Regensburg (IOS), during which representatives of five Ukrainian water supply and sewerage enterprises introduced presentation materials on the experience of implementing investment projects and about planned prospective projects at these enterprises. The guests were representatives of the Ministry of Bavaria, the Danube Water Program, representatives of 16 Ukrainian water enterprises, German business structures and other interested organizations. As a main part of the seminar program, the participants also visited Bavarian sewerage facilities and were introduced to the latest biogas production technologies, in particular, at Bad Abbach WWTP, energy efficiency measures for sludge treatment at the waste water treatment plants of Regensburg, the concept of heating and cooling, incineration, in particular drying of sewage sludge by low temperature treatment, co-incineration of the waste incineration plant Ingolstadt, mono incineration of sludge in wastewater treatment plant of Munich, sludge composting and fluidized bed incinerator in Altenstadt. Also, the participants visited the municipal wastewater association, where were introduced the information about water management financing- financial contributions and fees.Upon completion, participants were presented with official certificates of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Consumer Rights about attendance the Seminar on "Management of sewage treatment and sediment management".

Further information


2018 Danube Water Conference report and pictures are available

The 2018 Danube Water Conference on “Achieving sustainable water and sanitation for all: progress, challenges and future actions in the Danube Region” was held on May 2-3, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The conference report provides detailed information on the agenda, the session content, the roundtable discussions and the survey results.

Photos of the Conference (Photo credit: Astrid Knie/Vienna Water)

Conference Report


2018 Danube Water Conference successfully delivered

The 2018 Danube Water Conference on “Achieving sustainable water and sanitation for all: progress, challenges and future actions in the Danube Region” was held on May 2-3, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The Danube Water Conference, organized by IAWD and the World Bank with funding from the Austrian Government and support from the German and Swiss governments, is the Danube Water Program’s flagship event, taking place in Vienna every May since 2013. This year’s conference brought together 165 participants from national and local governments, regulatory agencies, water utilities and professional associations as well as academia coming from 16 countries in the Danube region.

Based on the feedback received in the evaluation forms of the last conference, this year’s conference offered more time and space for interactive sessions including roundtable sessions and increased time for Q&A. The sessions included a number of best practices and case studies presentations and had a strong focus on capacity building. An important element of the conference was the inclusion of Young Water Professionals (YWP) by implementing a chair/co-chair system as well as offering the YWP an opportunity to present, moderate and rapporteur during the event.

In total, two keynotes, 27 presentations, four panel discussions, two roundtable discussions and five poster presentations took place in ten sessions.

Some feedback collected from participants via Poll.Ev during the closing sessions: “Collaboration on regional level is best practice of exchanging the experience ….. This network will build the future of the Danube region…”

“Investment in youth is critical”

“I liked very much the involvement of the Young Water Professionals in the Conference. Thanks very much…!”

“DWC2018 excellent organization, topics, excellent speakers, congratulations to all.”


Final Report of regional study on rural water service is available

Given that significant access gaps are a major barrier to fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals, this study was launched to increase awareness and knowledge on how rural service provision is organized, to understand whether and how the aggregation through regional water utilities has effectively reached rural areas, and to present lessons and recommendations for expanding and improving the provision of services for rural populations. Seven countries—Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, and Ukraine—were selected, because they represent a wide range of rural water outcomes, different challenges, and sector reform contexts. The analysis was based on secondary data sources, documents, and existing datasets, combined with primary data collection in selected rural localities in the seven countries. For further information on the study, please click here.

Final Report


2018 Danube Water Conference Final Agenda available

The 2018 Danube Water Conference on “Achieving sustainable water and sanitation for all: progress, challenges and future actions in the Danube Region” will be held on May 2-3, 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The final agenda is now available.

Final Agenda


UTVSI celebrates World Water Day with special event in Serbia

In cooperation with the Environment Protection Agency of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia, the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI), on the occasion of the World Water Day, will organise a seminar on the next steps for implementation of the directives within the EU legislation for the water sector, as a part of the project "Further Implementation of the National Environmental Approach Strategy - EAS". The seminar will be held on Thursday, March 22, from 9 AM to 3 PM in Parliamentary Members Club in Belgrade, Tolstojeva 2.

This project of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Serbia, funded by the European Union, has been implemented by the company Eptisa, in the consortium with PM Group and Umweltbundesamt. The seminar will be in Serbian and English (simultaneous translation is provided). Participants will be given an electronic publication of the Agency for the Protection of the Environment "The Status of Surface Waters in Serbia - Guidance for Monitoring Plan Development and Implementation".



2018 Danube Water Conference agenda is out now

The agenda of the 2018 Danube Water conference has been released. For further information please visit the conference website.


New article on the Danube Water Program and IAWD in The Source

A great article entitled "Danube invests in human capacity for cleaner water" has been published in the last issue of "The Source".

Article "Danube invests in human capacity for cleaner water"


Successful final workshop of the Ukraine Utility Benchmarking Project

The final workshop of the Ukraine Utility Benchmarking Project presenting the results of the third Benchmarking cycle took place on 17-19 January, 2018 and was organised by the Ukrainian Benchmarking Hub in close cooperation with IAWD and with support from the Danube Water Program.

The event was attended by 60 participants including representatives of 16 enterprises of the water supply and sewerage sector of Ukraine, the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD, Austria), Danube Water Program (DWP, Austria), European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC, the Netherlands), Ministry of Regional Development, Building and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine, Bavarian Ministry of the Environment and Consumer Protection (Federal Land of Bavaria), Izba Gospodarcza "Wodociągi Polskie" (Poland), the Bavarian сompanies and others. An online greetings from the World Bank representative (Austria) was also organized.

All enterprises participating in the project received an inidividual report on performance indicators for water supply and sewage management. In addition, one session of the workshop dealt with the international experience exchange between German experts and Ukrainian utilities representatives in order to find the best solutions for performance improvement according to benchmarking results".

Photos of the Workshop

Further information



The Danube Water Program and the World Bank are looking for champion water and wastewater (WSS) utility companies in the Danube region which are interested in offering a balanced and inclusive workplace and equitable opportunities for young and female talents. These are invited to participate in a project to help WSS companies across the region identify inclusive and gender-smart recruitment, retention, and promotion policies that work best for their employees and the business.

Around the globe, an increasing number of private and public companies are realizing that promoting gender equality in the workplace is good for business and development, an opportunity that no longer can be ignored in modern times. We are looking for companies that are shifting the focus from the “why” to the “how”— i.e. based on evidence identify practical steps to close gender gaps and plan measures to address an aging workforce. In the WSS sector in the Danube region, utilities often face a predominantly male and aging workforce. However, global gender gaps in primary, secondary, and tertiary education are closing. In the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) sectors, women are the majority of graduates in many countries or at least their share is on the rise (Center for Talent Innovation 2014). However, this trend is not necessarily translating into more women entering and staying in the workforce and occupying skilled roles and leadership positions in certain sectors, including the WSS industry.

As part of the collaboration, a globally acknowledged strategic partner will provide expert advice and knowledge to help partner utilities come up with an action plan that addresses the needs of your utility. The exercise will be based on a gender diagnostic, informed by your utility HR-statistics, utility and national policies, and an employee survey. Your utility results and action plan will remain confidential and participation is free of costs. The results from participating utilities will be aggregated to inform the preparation of a report on equitable opportunity in the workplace for the State of the Sector Report - 2018 Update and a special session during the next Danube Water Conference.

Register here to receive further information


Next steps of Environmental Approximation Strategy in Serbia to be presented at Aquafest

The Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering in cooperation with the Serbian Ministry of Environment will organise the event "Aquafest" on 13 December 2017, which will present the next steps of implementation of the water sector directives within the framework of the Environmental Approximation Strategy in Serbia - EAS. The seminar will be opened by Slobodan Perovic, Assistant Minister of Environmental Protection, Dalibor Joknic, Secretary of the Association of Public Utilities of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and a representative of the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia.

The Seminar "Plans for Implementation of Directives in the Water Sector" is dedicated to the continuation of the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, the Drinking Water Directive, the Nitrates Directive and the Waste Water Directive in Serbia. These topics will be presented by experts of the project "Further implementation of the National environmental approximation strategy – EAS", which is supported by the Serbian Ministry of Environment, financed by the European Union, and implemented by Eptisa in the Consortium with PM Group and Umweltbundesamt.

Further information (in serbian language)


The Ninth Belgrade Water Exhibition and Forum successfully held

From November 15 to 17, 2017, in the Belexpo Center at Holiday Inn Hotel in Novi Beograd, the 9th Water Exhibition and Forum "Water Sector - Modern Tools and Techniques, Experiences and New Projects " was held successfully. On the second day of the Forum, the program was dedicated to the regional water cooperation through the Danube Water Program, where the participants were informed about the advisory and analytical work carried out by the World Bank for the Danube Water Program, programs for strengthening water and sewerage companies' capacities within the Danube Partnership for Learning - D-LeaP as well as the DANUBIS DCM platform as a tool to collect, manage and evaluate Performance Indicator data.

Further information on the event including the Press Release


Final Conference on Competitive Grant project awarded to Sofiyska Voda JCS organised in Bulgaria

On 11 December 2017, Sofiyska Voda JSC and the Bulgarian Water Association will organise the final conference of the Competitive Grant Project "Improvement of the Asset Management in Sofiyska Voda JSC through Elaboration of a New Assets Valuation Methodology", which is organised by the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD) with financial support from the Danube Water Program.

Further information


Joining forces to offer sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment in the Danube River Basin

The first International Workshop on Wastewater Management in the Danube river Basin took place from 28 to 29 November 2017 in Bucharest, Romania. The Workshop was co-organised by the ICPDR, IAWD, the International Association of Water Supply companies in the Danube River Catchment Area, and the World Bank. The event was hosted by the National Administration “Romanian Waters” as well as the Romanian Ministry of Waters and Forests and supported by the Danube Water Program (DWP, jointly implemented by IAWD and World Bank), the EUSDR PA4, the Global Water Partnership, the EIB, both Directorates General ENV and JRC of the European Commission.

This joint initiative answers a need by the countries of the Danube River Basin to specifically address the multi-dimensional problem of wastewater management in the Danube River Basin.

The anticipated goal of the workshop was to achieve a clear concept of the roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders involved and to identify the necessary further steps towards sustainable management of wastewater infrastructure and service. Moreover, the workshop provided the participants with a platform to identify, share and discuss best practices and cost-efficient solutions in wastewater management.

The workshop program included plenary presentations to set the scene about and specific brainstorming sessions to identify particular issues around the three main pillars:

  • Investment & Financing
  • Management & Operation
  • Innovation & Technology

The main take-home messages from the workshop were that better absorbing rates are needed for funding infrastructure development, proper water-pricing and affordability is both a challenge and a must and there is still a strong need of skilled workforce at all levels: national and local administrations and utilities. Finally, sludge management and energy-optimisation at treatment plant level, making wastewater a resource and not a problem deserves better attention; International organisations should assist countries to achieve these objectives, particularly in facilitating capacity-building and strengthening in the sector.

Further information


Competitive Grant "Implementing a selected list of commercial efficiency improvements" in Kosovo completed

The RWC "Hidrodrini" has been awarded with the project "Implementing a selected list of commercial efficiency improvements”, in the framework of the Competitive Grant Window, co-financed by the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD). The aim of this project was the installation of bulk water meters and smart water meters in a pre-defined area with high water losses to identify the percentage of water losses on technical aspect and administrative losses. With smart water meter the utility will have the additional information by measuring the flow and the water pressure simultaneously with the necessary software to transfer the data.

Further information


Training of trainers for Non-Revenue Water held in Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina

On 9-12 October 2017, the Training of Trainers for Non-Revenue Water, a program offered under the Danube Learning Partnership, was held in Bihać (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The objective of this program is to strengthen the capacities for non-revenue water management (losses) in public utility companies (PUCs). The training of trainers was organized by the technical partner, the company Resource Centre and Consultancies for Water and Environment, Una Consulting LLC from Bihać (B&H) and the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD). The training was held by the experts of Una Consulting LLC, who have years of experience in the non-revenue water management sector, respectively the loss reduction in the water supply systems in the area of Southeast Europe.

Further information


Article about Water Supply System for the Montenigrin Coastal Region published in Austrian Journal AquaPress

In the current issue of the Austrian Journal "Aquapress" an article about the Water Supply System for the Montenigrin Coastal Region has been published. The article is available in english and german.

Article "The Project that changed Montenegro"


NEW: Danube Regional Benchmarking Initiative

IAWD with the support of the Danube Water Program has over the past three years managed and pilot tested a Utility Benchmarking Program together with the European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) and water utility associations in the Danube countries. The program has involved the creation of national/subregional Hubs (with a local Benchmarking Coordinator) using the platform and services of EBC for data upload and individual company report preparation.

The new Danube Regional Benchmarking Initiative will complement the current system of national/subregional hubs for carrying out Benchmarking in national language and at national/subregional level by expanding the program to offer participation in a leading utilities initiative at the Danube regional level involving 17 countries.

Further information


Competitive Grant "Leak Detection Competition" in Croatia completed

In the frame of the Competitive Grant Project " Leak Detection Competition", the Croatian water and waste water utilities (HGVIK) organised a new type of event, the Leak Detection Competition, attched to a sports competition gathering with emphasis on technical educations held in Umag, Croatia. The aim of the Leak Detection Competition is to promote importance of water loss management.

Further information


Seminar on wastewater management and potable water supply

The Benchmarking Hub for Ukraine has supported utilities in improving their operations. In the frame of the Partnership project between the Ukraine Water Utility Association and the Bavarian Environmental Agency a study tour to Germany with a focus on wastewater management and potable water supply for Ukrainian water and wastewater utilities was organised in September 2017.

Further information


Active control of losses in water supply systems

On 12 September 2017, UC „Vodovod i kanalizacija“ j.s.c. East Sarajevo held the final conference of the Competitive Grant Project "The active control of losses in water supply system of East Sarajevo", which is organised by the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube Catchment Area (IAWD) with financial support from the Danube Water Program.

The main goal of the conference was to enhance experience and knowledge exchange in the area of Non-Revenue Water and Water Loss Reduciton between experts from utility companies. Several eminent experts presented modern approaches to reduce NRW, such as Jurica Kovac, Member of the IWA Specialist Group on Water Loss, Djevad Koldzo, an individual consultant, Alen Robovic from UNDP, and Goran Orasanin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, East Sarajevo.<\p>

At the conference employers of the UC “ViK” E. Sarajevo presented the work on the establishment of a pilot DMA in East Sarajevo (Dobrinja IV) and the application of active control of losses in the water supply system of East Sarajevo. Fifteen utility companies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia participated at the conference, and some of them presented their own experiences (water supply lines Prijedor, Bijeljina, Cajetina and Uzice) to reduce NRW, the challenges and problems they face, and examples of good and bad practices in utility companies.<\p>

Further information


Press Release avalaible on Water Days in Nis

The Press Release on the Water Days organised by the Association for water protection and preservation in the South of Serbia (WASS) in June 2017 is now available.

Press Release

Further information


Conference on "Water as a limited resource and water source protection" in Levkovac, Serbia

On August 29, 2017, the Waterworks and Sewerage Association of Serbia and PUC "Waterworks" Leskovac as hosting institution in cooperation with the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI) and the Association for Public Utilities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (SCC) organised the conference "Water as a limited resource and water source protection".

The conference was dedicated to the analysis of problems and current most important aspects of the capacity of the water resources, quality and quantity of waters of Serbia, as well as the importance of technical regulation, standardization and application of technical rules together with the possibilities and advantages of implementation of Technical Safety Management in water supply and presentation of report on water supply companies in Serbia.

In the frame of the conference Zorana Petrovic, Coordinator for International Cooperation of UTVSI and Commission President 165 - Standardization of Serbia, presented the project “Preparation for Introduction of Technical Safety Management in Serbian Water Supply Companies”, which was a Competitive Grant Project funded by the Danube Water Program.

Further information


ADKOM delivered final conference of the Competitive Grant Project "Development of Capacities for Business Planning"

On 14 July 2017, the Association of Utility Service Providers of Macedonia (ADKOM) held the final conference of the Competitive Grant Project "Development of Capacities for Business Planning", which was organized by IAWD under the Danube Water Program.

Further information


BiH signed DANUBIS DCM Memorandum of Understanding

The Association of Municipalities and Cities of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Water Utility Association of Republic of Srpska, the Association of the Employers of Utility Companies in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and IAWD have signed the DANUBIS DCM (Data Collection and Management) Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the frame of the 2017 DWC.

The DANUBIS DCM platform is a web-based interface allowing “managing institutions” in each country to collect, validate, analyze, manage and share utility performance data and indicators within their country. It is fully customizable including the list of variables and indicators, language, frequency of data collection, data sharing mechanisms etc.

With Bosnia and Herzegovina signing the MoU, five countries in total are already participating in the DANUBIS DCM with one more under consideration.


IAWD participating in the Regional Capacity Development Network (RCDN) for Water and Sanitation Services

Municipalities and water utilities often request from their national associations support through the provision of capacity development measures, i.e. formal skills training. Some of the associations of the water utilities and the municipalities in the different countries do offer skills training courses. However, quality and range of offers vary significantly and are strongly linked to the capacities of the associations themselves. Capacity development (CD) measures are mostly add-ons to externally financed infrastructure projects. Thus, they are in general limited to the supported water utilities or municipalities and over a limited period of time.

In order to address this problem, a four-year project was designed to establish a self-sustaining RCDN for water and sanitation services. The project is jointly financed by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic cooperation (BMZ).

The project will enable 16 associations of municipalities and water utilities, as well as the regional organisations NALAS and IAWD, to facilitate and coordinate CD initiatives in the region and to support delivery of CD measures.

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2017 Danube Water Conference - Final Program available

The Final Program of the 2017 Danube Water Conference dealing with deal with "Addressing the Challenges of Financing Water Services for Development" is available now. Please find the Program here.


IWA Performance Indicators Conference 2017 - Program available



Appropriate performance indicators are essential for describing the quality of water supply. However, these are often difficult to establish: while they should be universally applicable, they should yet take account of special characteristics as well. Every other year, the IWA Benchmarking und Performance Assessment Specialist Group organises a conference showcasing international projects, applications and developments. This time, this international forum is to take place in Vienna (15 - 17 May 2017) and will offer participants an opportunity to keep up-to-date with the state of the art in the important field of performance indicators. The conference organised in Vienna by the International Water Asscotiation (IWA) and the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD) offers in-depth international information ranging from research to practical applications. Please find the Program of the PI2017 here.

Walter Kling, IAWD Secretary General: “Technical performance indicators such as those determined by benchmarking are not to serve as justification vis-à-vis stakeholders but were developed to be able to measure one’s performance against that of industry colleagues and perhaps in this way to spot improvement potentials for one’s home company. However, consumers and political decision-makers, too, want to have access to data that discloses whether a water utility is well managed.”

To register for the IWA Performance Indicator Conference 2017, please go to www.iwa-pi2017.org!

Conference Announcement


Kick-off Meetings – Asset Management Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe

The Program “Asset Management Advisory Services for Water Utilities in South-Eastern Europe” has started officially with the Kick-off meetings in Skopje (Macedonia) on 4 April 2017, in Podgorica (Montenegro) on 6 April 2017 and in Belgrade (Serbia) on 10 April 2017. The funding of 2.315.000 EUR has been provided by GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit), HCE (Hydro-Comp Enterprise) Ltd. from Cyprus and DWP (Danube Water Program – a joint initiative of the International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area – IAWD and the World Bank). Partners for the project implementation are both AM (Asset Management) Centres – UTVSI (Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering) from Belgrade, Serbia for the water utilities from Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia and Aquasan Network BiH from Bihac, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the water utilities from BiH.


Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) - Training of Trainers for Commercial Efficiency Program taking place in Albania

The Danube Learning Partnership is proud to present the Training of Trainers event for the Commercial Efficiency Program to be held on 26-28 April 2017 in Korca, Albania (by invitation only). Representatives of three Hubs (SHUKALB/SHUKOS in Albania/Kosovo, ADKOM in FYR Macedonia and APA Brasov in Romania) are trained by the Technical Partner ValuAdd. The training program embodies a comprehensive curriculum consisting of a combination of classroom transfer of knowledge, practical field observation and engagement. Trainees will also be able to observe and discuss the activities that are conducted at the Customer Service Center and the Meter Management shop of the utility, as a part of the training workshop.

Commercial Efficiency Leaflet


Sustainability of Water Services in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Press release available

On 5 and 6 April 2017 a regional conference on „Sustainability of water services in Bosnia and Herzegovina" was organized by the Association for Water and Environmental Protection Sector „Aquasan Network in B&H“, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations in B&H, Association „Waterworks RS“, Association of Employers of Utility Companies of the FB&H“, and the Association of Cities and Municipalities of the FB&H and the Association of Municipalities and Cities of the RS. The conference was held in Banja Luka.

Press Release

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Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP) - First Training of Trainers event taking place in Bulgaria

The Danube Learning Partnership is speeding up. The first Training of Trainers event for the Energy Efficiency Program took place in Sofia, Bulgaria from 6-10 March 2017. 14 people from four different Hubs (Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Bulgaria) were trained by the Technical Partner Econoler not only in energy efficiency, but also in adult learning.

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Energy Efficiency Leaflet


Updated and revised version of the Danube Water Program Work Plan published

An updated and revised version of the DWP Work Plan (Phase 2) has been released.It can be downloaded here.

 Danube Water Program Work Plan Phase 2


D-LeaP Declaration of Intent and DANUBIS DCM Memorandum of Understanding signed at the Danube Water Conference 2016

In the frame of the 4th Danube Water conference, held in Vienna on 11-13 May 2016, a Declaration of Intent was signed between IAWD and the members of the Round Table of Water Utility Associations to establish the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP).

The Vision of D-LeaP envisages a Danube region where all citizens enjoy sustainable water and wastewater services. D-Leap aims to achieve its vision by offering a sustainable and comprehensive set of learning and capacity-building programs to participating utility companies and sector professionals through the partnering national water associations.

Walter Kling, Secretary-General of IAWD, comments: „The signing of the declaration marks the start of concrete action by the members of the Round Table of Water Utility Associations. The partners will join IAWD as members and the Round Table develops to be one of the important networking platforms for the Danube and Balkan region!”

Furthermore, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the newly developed DANUBIS DCM (Data Collection and Management) Platform was signed between IAWD and four participating countries represented by their Managing Institutions (Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia).

Whereas the website DANUBIS.org facilitates the management of a regional utility performance database accessible for all, the Danubis DCM comprises the development of an optional regional Data Collection and Management platform. The DANUBIS DCM platform allows utility companies to enter utility performance data in an amicable web interface and helps national institutions to check the quality and consistency of the data provided as well as to manage and safeguard the data in a secure manner. The next action to be taken in this context is the translation of training materials and a workshop on the use of the DCM platform in June.

 Picture Declaration of Intent

  Picture MoU


Work Plan for Danube Water Program Phase II now available online

Upon receiving confirmation that the Danube Water Program will be extended for at least another three years, a Work Plan was compiled for Phase II, which runs until the end of 2016. The updated Work Plan describes all on-going and planned activities under both the current and next phase of the Program, and builds on the latest Work Plan for 2013-2015 approved by the Steering Committee in February 2015. The Work Plan is consistent with the Program's objective and revised results framework and reflects progress made and feedback received since the start of the Program. The document is available for download below and can also be found under the 'Key Program Documents' heading in the 'Publications' section on this webpage.

 Danube Water Program Phase II Work Plan


Danube Water Program continues to end of 2018

The Danube Water Program has received funding for a second phase (continuation) and will be active for at least another three years – up to the end of 2018. The Austrian Ministry of Finance approved the additional 5 million euro financing and all the necessary Grant documents have been signed.

The World Bank and IAWD will again jointly manage the activities (as a continuation of the existing arrangements) and the staff who have managed the work till now will continue their work.

In the continuation of the program there will be the major program elements continued with an additional focus on capacity building of utilities and support for strengthening National Water Utility associations and IAWD in particular. A second round of competitive grants will also be launched early in 2016.

Prior to the end of the project another State of the Sector survey will be completed to review progress in reforming the water sector and additional analytical work will be carried out on regionalization and supplying water services to rural areas among other topics.


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DWP Events

2018 Danube Water Conference
    2 - 3 May 2018, Vienna, Austria

Further Events

2nd Montenegro Water Conference
    16 - 18 October 2019, Ulcinj, Montenegro

2019 Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition
    6 - 8 November 2019, Prishtina, Kosovo

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