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DANUBIS (Danube Utility Benchmarking and Information Sharing) is an online repository of resources for and about water and sanitation utilities in the Danube region.








For a more comprehensive overview of water and wastewater events and trainings in the Danube region, please see DANUBIS.

DWP Events

Regional EU accession cross support
    workshop in the water sector

    28-29 September, Zagreb, Croatia

Final Asset Management workshop
    15 September, Belgrade, Serbia

SHUKOS & SHUKALB Benchmarking
    Workshop - Second Cycle

    30 June, Pristina, Kosovo

YWP Kosovo Study Trip
    31 May - 3 June, Vienna, Austria

Danube Water Conference
    7-8 May, Vienna, Austria

Water and Development
    6 May, Vienna, Austria

Further Events

ECRR European River Symposium
    2-3 March 2016, Vienna, Austria

EIP Water Conference 2016
    10 February 2016, Leeuwarden, The

Water Forum 2015
    17-19 November, Belgrade, Serbia

EWA Conference "Water Challenges in

    16-17 November, Brussels, Belgium

Water and Sustainable Development:
    Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition

    4-6 November, Pristina, Kosovo

IWA Water and Development
    Conference & Exhibition

    18-22 October, Dead Sea, Jordan

IWA 7th Eastern European Young Water
    Professionals Conference

    17-19 September, Belgrade, Serbia

12th IWA Specialised Conference on
    Design, Operation and Economics of
    Large Wastewater Treatment Plants

    6-9 September, Prague, Czech Republic


WDL GmbH videos on water supply and wastewater treatment available

DWC 2015 Conference Report available

DWC 2014 Conference Report available

NALAS Municipal AM Toolkit & Regional Report on AM Practices available

Revised Concept for Capacity Building Program for Water Utility Associations available

Updated DWP Workplan available

Program Activities

Asset Management
Commercial Efficieny
Competitive Grant Window
Energy Efficiency
Sector Regulation Support
State of the Sector Review
Utility Benchmarking
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Request for Expressions of Interest - Financial Management

For providing comprehensive financial management services and an online
management information system for IAWD

The International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD), in addition to managing its own limited financial resources, is currently administering and managing projects involving substantial financial resources from donors (World Bank, GIZ, EU). A decision has been made to expand these project management functions. Hence, it has been determined that an external financial management company (FM) will be hired to provide financial management systems that support IAWD in accounting and managing these project funds (estimated volume of 1 to 1.5 million Euro per year), in addition to the overall financial needs of IAWD.

The IAWD now invites eligible consulting firms (“Consultants”) to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they have the required qualifications and relevant experience to perform the Services including information on the financial management software systems that would be used.

Expressions of Interest must be delivered in written form by 3 September, 2015.

Request for Expressions of Interest - Financial Management


UTVSI Seminar on Water Distribution Systems

4-6 August 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

In cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage as the host company, the Association for water technology and sanitary engineering (UTVSI) organized a seminar on water distribution systems in Belgrade from 4th to 6th of August.

The seminar was realized as part of joint European Professional Development Program for 2015. It was a unique opportunity for 130 licensed engineers from the area of drinking water supplying and waste water engineering, including six experts from Sarajevo Waterworks and Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo, to refresh and acquaint themselves with German water distribution standards.

Further information on competitive grant 5

Further information and photos of the event


AM Workshop presentations available

Presentations and photos of all three workshops on Asset Management, held in June 2014, November 2014 and April 2015, as well as all editions of the AM Hub's newsletter are now available on the Danube Water Program website.

Presentations and photos of AM workshops


Request for Expressions of Interest - Capacity Building

For creating a Partnership for Delivery of a Regional Program for Capacity Building
for Water Utilities in the Danube Region

The International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD) in cooperation with National Water Utility Associations has prepared a concept for a regional capacity building program for utilities in the Danube region. It is the intention of the partners to develop further the concept and to create a business plan and work plan for carrying out the program over the next three years with the intention that the program and activities becomes self-sustaining.

An individual consultant is therefore being sought to develop further the concept and in particular to assist in defining the curriculum, steps needed to develop and produce the capacity building, and in proposing a detailed business plan that allows this activity to secure the needed resources for longterm sustainability.

Expressions of Interest (including documentation of the background of the consultant, resources and references) must be delivered in written form by August 14th, 2015.

Request for Expressions of Interest - Capacity Building


Water and Sustainable Development - Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition

4-6 November 2015, Pristina, Kosovo


In 2013, the Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB) and the Water and Wastewater Works Association of Kosovo (SHUKOS), started a tradition to organize the Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition. Since then, this event has been successfully held each year, once in Pristina and once in Tirana.

This year, the third Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition will be held in Pristina, Kosovo, on 4-6 November 2015 with topic “Water and Sustainable Development”.
The Conference Program offers a variety of topics that cover all the aspects of water supply and wastewater sector to include here policy, management and technical issues.

You are invited to submit your abstracts! For detailed information please see the Call for Abstracts Brochure.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts has been extended to 7 September 2015.


aqua press INTERNATIONAL article on the DWP released

June 2015, Vienna, Austria

The latest issue of aqua press INTERNATIONAL, which has recently been released, includes a four-page article about the Danube Water Program and the Danube Water Conference 2015, held in Vienna in May 2015. The article highlights the findings of the State of the Sector Report released at the conference, as well as the Program's role in the global context.

Read the article about the DWP here.

Read the full 2/2015 issue of aqua press INTERNATIONAL here.


2014 Auditing Report for the IAWD Component of the DWP released

June 2015, Vienna, Austria

The auditing company KPMG Austria GmbH has prepared the auditing report for the year 2014 for the IAWD Component of the Danube Water Program.

In this "Report on the Audit of the Project Financial Statement of the Danube Region Water Supply and Waste Water Sector Capacity Building Program Trust Fund for the Year 2014", KPMG comes to the conclusion that the project financial statement presents fairly the cash receipts and disbursements of the Trust Fund, in accordance with the rules laid out in the World Bank's Financial Reporting Guidelines.

2014 Auditing Report for the IAWD component of the DWP


Danube Water Program June 2015 Newsletter Released

3 June 2015, Vienna, Austria

The Danube Water Program has released the latest edition of it's biannual newsletter, which includes program news, upcoming program events, information on capacity building programs, as well as events and news from the Danube region.

Read the full newsletter here:

DWP June 2015 Newsletter


Danube Water Conference

7-8 May 2015, Vienna, Austria


Around 160 key sector representatives from entities such as national utility associations, the regional network of associations of local authorities, water and wastewater utilities, line ministries, regulatory authorities, the donor community and other international associations gathered to discuss progress made and challenges lying ahead in the water supply and sanitation sector of the Danube region. The two-day conference started with an overview of the State of the Sector review, conducted by the World Bank with the assistance of a large number of external partners.

A common understanding of policies, strategies, concepts, roles and practices among decision makers leads to improved regional cooperation and services in the water sector. Therefore, key sector representatives from the Danube region at national and local levels convened to discuss the State of the Sector and what they jointly, can do better to achieve smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable water services.

The two-day conference started with an overview of the State of the water services Sector. The European Integration agenda, which drives much of the change in the region, was highlighted in separate sessions.

Read more:

Further information, presentations and photos

Agenda of the 2015 Danube Water Conference


Water and Wastewater Services in the Danube Region - A State of the Sector

7 May 2015, Vienna, Austria


Regional Report and accompanying Country Notes by the Danube Water Program / World Bank released. 

The State of the Sector is an analysis of the region’s progress and challenges in providing sustainable water and wastewater services for all. The report is a flagship World Bank product under the Danube Water Program and aims at documenting and informing water services policies and their outcomes in 16 countries of the Danube region. The review was prepared by World Bank staff and a team of more than 25 contributors, with support many institutions and individual experts throughout the watershed.

Read the full report and all 16 accompanying Country Notes:

A State of the Sector, May 2015