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DANUBIS (Danube Utility Benchmarking and Information Sharing) is an online repository of resources for and about water supply and sanitation utilities in Southeast, Eastern, and Central Europe.








DWP Events

Danube Water Utility CEO/Senior Executive Meeting
    04 March 2016, Vienna, Austria

Workshop for validation of new data
   collection and management platform
    11-12 February 2016, Vienna, Austria

Associations Meeting
    03-04 December 2015, Vienna, Austria

Regional EU accession cross-support
    workshop in the water sector

    28-29 September 2015, Zagreb, Croatia

Final Asset Management workshop
    15 September 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

Training Workshop on WSS
    Regulation in Ukraine

    25-26 August 2015, Kyiv, Ukraine

Further Events

European River Symposium
    2-3 March 2016, Vienna, Austria

EIP Water Conference 2016
    10 February 2016, Leeuwarden, The

Water Forum 2015
    17-19 November 2015, Belgrade, Serbia

EWA Conference "Water Challenges in

    16-17 November 2015, Brussels, Belgium

Water and Sustainable Development:
    Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition

    4-6 November 2015, Pristina, Kosovo

For a more comprehensive overview of water and wasterwater events in the Danube region, consult DANUBIS.org.


DWC 2015 Conference Report available

DWC 2014 Conference Report available

Program Activities

Analytical and Advisory Work
Capacity Development
Knowledge Sharing
Competitive Grant Window


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Information on the European River Symposium

An updated flyer on the forthcoming European River Symposium and the European River Prize, which will be awarded as part of the Symposium, can be found below. The Euopean River Symposium takes place in Vienna on the 3-4 March 2016, registrations are open now.

 European River Symposium Flyer

 European River Prize Flyer


IAWD is recruiting a Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Coordinator

To support the planned Capacity Building activities in Phase II of the Program, and to further develop and manage the knowledge sharing and communication activities, IAWD is seeking to hire a Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Coordinator. Applications are open now and will close on 26 February 2016. The full job announcement and Terms of Reference can be found below. 

 Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Coordinator Job Announcement

 Knowledge Management and Capacity Building Coordinator Terms of Reference


Client Satisfaction Survey 2015 Results

A survey amongst participating utilities, water associations, government institutions and other stakeholders was conducted last December. The results have now been analysed and can be accessed below. Overall, the survey showed that the Program is well-received and 89% of respondents are satisfied with the activities and outputs. Respondents found the opportunity to extend their professional network and improve their knowledge of regional trends and best practices the most useful result of participating in the Danube Water Program. The State of the Sector Report is seen as a very high-quality piece of analysis, however, this does not translate into respondents using the data provided in it extensively, which is an area for further work. The annual Danube Water Conference is a very popular event and seen as a good instrument for knowledge sharing. A report with a detailed analysis of the survey results can be downloaded using the link below and is also available in the 'Publications' section of this webpage.

 Client Satisfaction Survey 2015


Article on the State of the Sector Report published on ICPDR webpage

An article on the DWP's State of the Sector report has been published by ICPDR, the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River. In this article, published in the ICPDR's magazine as well as online, Angelika Heider sums up the Report's main points and provides an outlook for the water and wastewater sector in the region. You can read the full article here and find the complete State of the Sector Report by clicking on the link on top of this page.


Work Plan for Danube Water Program Phase II now available online

Upon receiving confirmation that the Danube Water Program will be extended for at least another three years, a Work Plan was compiled for Phase II, which runs until the end of 2016. The updated Work Plan describes all on-going and planned activities under both the current and next phase of the Program, and builds on the latest Work Plan for 2013-2015 approved by the Steering Committee in February 2015. The Work Plan is consistent with the Program's objective and revised results framework and reflects progress made and feedback received since the start of the Program. The document is available for download below and can also be found under the 'Key Program Documents' heading in the 'Publications' section on this webpage.

 Danube Water Program Phase II Work Plan


Survey on capacity building activities shows high satisfaction

A survey was conducted amongst utility staff participating in the capacity building activities offered by the Danube Water Program. In total, we received more than 60 responses from 11 DWP partner countries. The results show a very high satisfaction with the activities. More than 90% of respondents were satisfied or very satisfied with the program and over 95% would recommend the program they attended. Virtually all respondents felt that the program had a positive impact and provided them with relevant knowledge. The survey also highlighted the importance of practical training, as 'learning by doing' was rated the most effective delivery method. The benefits of regional cooperation and IAWD's role in it were highlighted in comments such as "...international experience more than welcome” and “That is why this IAWD program is excellent and well received". The link to a presentation with more details on the survey results can be found below.

 Results of survey on capacity building programs


Danube Water Program continues to end of 2018

The Danube Water Program has received funding for a second phase (continuation) and will be active for at least another three years – up to the end of 2018. The Austrian Ministry of Finance approved the additional 5 million euro financing and all the necessary Grant documents have been signed.

The World Bank and IAWD will again jointly manage the activities (as a continuation of the existing arrangements) and the staff who have managed the work till now will continue their work.

In the continuation of the program there will be the major program elements continued with an additional focus on capacity building of utilities and support for strengthening National Water Utility associations and IAWD in particular. A second round of competitive grants will also be launched early in 2016.

Prior to the end of the project another State of the Sector survey will be completed to review progress in reforming the water sector and additional analytical work will be carried out on regionalization and supplying water services to rural areas among other topics.


World Bank Water Blog - the EU accession workshop

A post by Angelika Haider of the DWP World Bank team has been released on the WB Water Blog. Ms. Haider entertainingly summarizes her participation in the Regional EU Accession Cross-Support Workshop in the Water Sector, which was held in Zagreb on 28-29 September 2015.

Read the full story here.

Further information on the workshop

Further information on Regional EU Accession Cross-Support in the Water Sector


Energy Efficiency Program - brochure available

A brochure summarizing the key messages of the capacity-building program on Energy Efficiency is now available here.

This brochure accompanies a more detailed report, which documents the project implementation process, project outcomes, and lessons learned throughout the program. It also provides an evaluation of the program by participating utilties, with the general mood being very positive and highlighting aspects such as the comprehensiveness and user-friendliness of the training material.

The Energy Efficiency program was planned and implemented by Econoler, a renowned consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation, evaluation and financing of energy efficiency programs and projects worldwide. The activity benefitted from additional financing by ESMAP, the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program.

Further information on the the Energy Efficiency Program

Brochure of the Energy Efficiency Program

Final Report of the Energy Efficiency Program


2015 Danube Water Conference - videos available

A 5-minute summary video, an interview with Junaid Ahmad, the Senior Director of the World Bank's Water Global Practice, as well as several short interview snippets recoreded at the 2015 Danube Water Conference are now available on Youtube. The conference was held in Vienna, Austria on 7-8 May 2015 and brought together around 150 key stakeholders of the water and wastewater sector from 23 countries.

Further information on the 2015 Danube Water Conference


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