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DANUBIS (Danube Utility Benchmarking and Information Sharing) is an online repository of resources for and about water and sanitation utilities in the Danube region.








DWP Events 2015

SHUKOS & SHUKALB Benchmarking
    Workshop - Second Cycle

    30 June, Pristina, Kosovo

YWP Kosovo Study Trip
    31 May - 3 June, Vienna, Austria

Danube Water Conference
    7-8 May, Vienna, Austria

Water and Development
    6 May, Vienna, Austria

Further Events 2015

European River Symposium 2015
    9-11 November, Vienna, Austria

Water and Sustainable Development:
    Balkans Joint Conference and Exhibition

    4-6 November, Pristina, Kosovo

12th IWA Specialised Conference on
    Design, Operation and Economics of
    Large Wastewater Treatment Plants

    6-9 September, Prague, Czech Republic

IWA Water and Development
    Conference & Exhibition

    18-22 October, Dead Sea, Jordan


DWC 2014 Conference Report available

aqua press INTERNATIONAL article on the DWP released

ECRR Newsletter 1/2015 available

DWP-IAWD 2014 Audit Report available

NALAS Municipal AM Toolkit & Regional Report on AM Practices available

YWP Kosovo Study Trip - presentations and photos available

Feb. 2015 Regulator Workshop - photos & selected presentations available

Revised Concept for Capacity Building Program for Water Utility Associations available

DWP June 2015 Newsletter released

Updated DWP Workplan available

Plovdiv Declaration on DRM signed

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SHUKOS & SHUKALB Benchmarking Workshop - Second Cycle

30 June, Pristina, Kosovo

SHUKOS and SHUKALB have announced their second benchmarking workshop organized through their common HUB Kosovo & Albania, to be held in Pristina on 30 June 2015. The workshop is organized in cooperation with the Danube Water Program and the European Benchmarking Co-operation.

After a brief introduction and presentations on the basis of standardization, as well as on the meaning and value of benchmarking, participants will start working on the new notification platform and will feed new data into the system.

Read the full agenda of the workshop here.


aqua press INTERNATIONAL article on the DWP released

June, Vienna, Austria

The latest issue of aqua press INTERNATIONAL, which has recently been released, includes a four-page article about the Danube Water Program and the Danube Water Conference 2015, held in Vienna in May 2015. The article highlights the findings of the State of the Sector Report released at the conference, as well as the Program's role in the global context.

Read the article about the DWP here.

Read the full 2/2015 issue of aqua press INTERNATIONAL here.


Danube Day 2015

29 June, Danube River Basin

“29 June” is the international Danube Day. It was first celebrated by the ICPDR (the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River) in 2004 to highlight the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Danube River Protection Convention. Through the joint effort of different organizations, the celebration of Danube Day throughout the Danube River Basin became an annual event, paying tribute the Danube and the rivers that flow into it.

ICPDR President 2015 Dražen Kurečić on public participation & the river basin and flood risk management plans:
„Over the last decade, Danube Day has become the biggest river festival in the world. Today, we are joining tens of thousands of people to celebrate past achievements in making our rivers healthier for everyone to enjoy”, says Mr Dražen Kurečić, ICPDR President 2015. “This is also an opportunity to call the people of all Danube countries to support the management plans that we currently develop for the future.” Mr Kurečić refers to the public consultation activities for the Danube River Basin Management Plan Update 2015 and the Flood Risk Management Plan. “The public is invited to contribute to these plans – by sending comments, filling out online questionnaires or through a stakeholder consultation workshop that we will organise here in Zagreb in early July. Everybody can have a say.” Further information on the management plans and public consultation measures is available on www.icpdr.org.

See here for events to celebrate Danube Day 2015 in your country.

Further information on Danube Day


IWA Regional Conference - Water Loss Management 2015

15-17 June, Bucharest, Romania

This Conference was the second event in a series of IWA regional conferences on water loss reduction, following the successful "IWA Water Ideas Conference" that was held in Bologna, Italy in October 2014.

The International Conference - Water Loss Management 2015 was intended to present and discuss the latest developments, strategies, techniques and applications of international best practices in water loss assessment, management, leakage reduction, control and mprovement of customer metering.

Further information

EU Reference document Good Practices on Leakage Management WFD CIS WG PoM


2014 Auditing Report for the IAWD Component of the DWP released

June, Vienna, Austria

The auditing company KPMG Austria GmbH has prepared the auditing report for the year 2014 for the IAWD Component of the Danube Water Program.

In this "Report on the Audit of the Project Financial Statement of the Danube Region Water Supply and Waste Water Sector Capacity Building Program Trust Fund for the Year 2014", KPMG comes to the conclusion that the project financial statement presents fairly the cash receipts and disbursements of the Trust Fund, in accordance with the rules laid out in the World Bank's Financial Reporting Guidelines.

2014 Auditing Report for the IAWD component of the DWP


Founding Assembly of the Association for South of Serbia Water Protection and Preservation (WASS)

9 June, Niš, Serbia

The Public Utility Naissus hosted the founding assembly of the Association for South of Serbia Water Protection and Preservation (WASS) on 9 June 2015 in the Niš Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The Association's aim is to gather 28 local self governments from the South of Serbia, local waterworks, as well as interested professionals, in order to promote water supply, waste water collection and water resources in the South of Serbia.

Further information, videos and photos


Danube Water Program June 2015 Newsletter Released

3 June, Vienna, Austria

The Danube Water Program has released the latest edition of it's biannual newsletter, which includes program news, upcoming program events, information on capacity building programs, as well as events and news from the Danube region.

Read the full newsletter here:

 DWP June 2015 Newsletter


Danube Water Conference

7-8 May, Vienna, Austria


Around 160 key sector representatives from entities such as national utility associations, the regional network of associations of local authorities, water and wastewater utilities, line ministries, regulatory authorities, the donor community and other international associations gathered to discuss progress made and challenges lying ahead in the water supply and sanitation sector of the Danube region. The two-day conference started with an overview of the State of the Sector review, conducted by the World Bank with the assistance of a large number of external partners.

A common understanding of policies, strategies, concepts, roles and practices among decision makers leads to improved regional cooperation and services in the water sector. Therefore, key sector representatives from the Danube region at national and local levels convened to discuss the State of the Sector and what they jointly, can do better to achieve smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable water services.

The two-day conference started with an overview of the State of the water services Sector. The European Integration agenda, which drives much of the change in the region, was highlighted in separate sessions.

Read more:

Further information, presentations and photos

Agenda of the 2015 Danube Water Conference


Water and Wastewater Services in the Danube Region - A State of the Sector

7 May, Vienna, Austria


Regional Report and accompanying Country Notes by the Danube Water Program / World Bank released. 

The State of the Sector is an analysis of the region’s progress and challenges in providing sustainable water and wastewater services for all. The report is a flagship World Bank product under the Danube Water Program and aims at documenting and informing water services policies and their outcomes in 16 countries of the Danube region. The review was prepared by World Bank staff and a team of more than 25 contributors, with support many institutions and individual experts throughout the watershed.

Read the full report and all 16 accompanying Country Notes:

A State of the Sector, May 2015


Water and Development: Infrastructure and Institutions - Lessons from the World Bank experience

6 May, Vienna, Austria

Panel discussion and exchange

Photos and further information


World Bank Press Release on the Regional Report and the Danube Water Conference

6 May, Vienna, Austria

Countries in Danube Region face double challenge of providing modern water services to millions while meeting EU acquis.

Many countries in the Danube River basin face a double challenge of meeting the high standards of the European environmental acquis while extending sustainable water services to all citizens, with 22.5 million people lacking access to piped water and 28 million without flush toilets, according to the World Bank’s new Water and Wastewater Services in the Danube Region – A State of the Sector report, released today in Vienna.

Read more:

6 May World Bank Press Release


Progress in Competitive Grants

The activities of competitive grants under the Danube Water program has been underway now for almost a year and important results have been achieved. Read here about the successes that have been achieved in East Sarajevo and in developing a regional training program for utilities in the Western Balkans (Shukalb).

Read more:

Competitive Grants


Danube Water Program - Brochure

This brochure describes the Program and its activities, shares some early results of collaboration, presents findings and lessons derived from those activities, and describes its longer-term vision.

 DWP Brochure