1st Conference/Workshop on Asset Management

25-26 June 2014, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the period 25th and 26th of June 2014 the AM team organised the 1st Conference/Workgroup with the participating Utilities in Jahorina, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Activities during the conference included: 

   - Presentations on overall AM methodology 
   - Training on Asset Management
   - Group sessions 
   - Presentations and one to one meetings with the participating Utilities

The workshop was very successful with all the participating Utilities in the program attending the conference. The workshop was set over 2 days, with the 1st day dedicated to presentations, separation of the Utilities into groups and short introductory presentations by the Utilities themselves.

The two introductory presentations were on:
   - Network Asset Register Evaluation
   - Methodology & Procedure

The 1st day was concluded with extended discussion on many aspects of asset management and in particular financial and practical aspects of AM.

The second day started with an overall presentation on the Operation of IAWD Asset Management Services Hub and the Cloud based approach. Working part continued in three groups of Utilities, which were divided on the basis of a percentage of available network data and usage of CAD/GIS applications.



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