Danube Water Conference

7-8 May 2015, Vienna, Austria


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Around 150 key sector representatives from entities such as national utility associations, the regional network of associations of local authorities, water and wastewater utilities, line ministries, regulatory authorities, the donor community and other international associations gathered to discuss progress made and challenges lying ahead in the water supply and sanitation sector of the Danube region. The two-day conference started with an overview of the State of the Sector review, conducted by the World Bank with the assistance of a large number of external partners.

The European Integration agenda, which drives much of the change in the region, was a recurring theme and was highlighted in separate sessions, as well. It is generally agreed upon that a common understanding of policies, strategies, concepts, roles and practices among decision makers leads to improved regional cooperation and services in the water sector. Therefore, stakeholders from the Danube region at national and local levels convened to discuss the State of the Sector and what they jointly, can do better to achieve smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable water services.


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Presentations Day 0, May 6
Presentations Day 1, May 7
Plenary Opening Session: Together for Sustainable Services  

David Michaud & Philip Weller: Overview, practical aspects and polls


Plenary Session: the State of the Sector  

David Michaud: the State of the Sector


Parallel Session A: Regulation: how, by whom and at what cost?

Céline Kauffmann: Regulation in the Danube region and beyond

Alberto Biancardi: The Italian experience

Manfred Eisenhut: The Austrian experience

Avni Dervishi: The Albanian experience


Parallel Session A: Local governments helping each other?

Georgi Hristov: Local government's (conflicting) roles as owner, regulator, service provider

Ambrus Denis: Local water supply policies - For users? For service providers? For politicians?

Dejan Andrejevic: Implementing local water supply policies - burden or support to water services?


Parallel Session B: Beyond Public Supply - Services for All

Kirsten Hommann: Acces for the Unserved - Beyond Public Supply

Wolfgang Aichsleder/Reinhard Perfler: Public provision in the remote locations of the Austrian Alps

Hajrije Morina: Rural water supply in Kosovo


Parallel Session B: Asset Management as a Tool for Good Governance

Erna Zildzovic: AM practices in SEE

Ivana Stanisic: AM experience of PU Bijeljina - How good AM practices contributed to better local governance!

Petros Kolovopoulos: Local government's Asset Management tools and trainings


Parallel Session C: When Utilites Take the Lead

Lyubomir Filipov: Case study in utility leadership in achieving efficiency

Csaba Haranghy: Case study in utility leadership in achieving efficiency

Petrit Tare: Case study in utility leadership in achieving efficiency


Parallel Session C: Promoting Efficient Services

Michael Klien: Promoting efficient services in the Danube region - analytical analysis

Sami Hasani: Service efficiency promotion from a regulator point of view in Kosovo


Speed Networking and Ideas Fair: What are you missing out on?

Dejan Romic: DWP supported Competitive Grant: Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the water and sewerage network in East Sarajevo

Hari Shutoski: ORF MMS Project: Regional model for smart municipal services reporting system for the citizens

David Michaud: DANUBIS water platform

Dragan Chorobenski: DWP supported Competitive Grant: Reduction of Non-Revenue Water in Kumanovo. Macedonia

Milan Bulatovic: DWP supported Competitive Grant: Strengthening the capacity of water utilities in the region - BiH, Serbia and Montenegro

Oliver Nachevski: Summary of ORF MMS water related projects in SEE

Faraj El-Awar: Global Water Operators Partnership

Presentations Day 2, May 8
Session D: Building Capacity for WSS Services

Sandi Zulic: State of play presentation: The capacity building measures for PUs and LGUs in the WSS sector in SEE - gaps and challenges

Heiko Heidemann: Good practice presentation: Enhancing Human Capacity Development (HDC) through regional coordination


Parallel Session E: Financing as a governance tool?

Maria Salvetti: Sector financing in the Danube region

Christoph Prandstetten: Utility financing in Austria

Vibeke Christensen: KfW conditional financing

Radoslav Russev: Bulgarian strategic financing use


Parallel Session E: Affordability and Service Provision

Kirsten Hommann: Affordability and water services in the Danube region - DWP regional report

Teodor Popa: Romanian experience with the affordability issue in water supply in the context of EU accession

Ildiko Czeglédi: Value and price: perception and transparency of water services

Dusan Protic: Affordability of water service in the context of consumer protection and EU integration (view from Belgrade)


Plenary Session: What are the best performers doing?

Pavel Puncochar Part 1: Statement on the structure of the Czech water sector

Pavel Puncochar Part 2: Regulation of the water sector in EU countries

Dorith Breindl: Statement on the structure of the Austrian water sector

Christian Hasenleithner: Statement on operating a utility under different governance arrangements


Closing Session: The Future of the Sector

David Michaud & Philip Weller: Summary of main sessions and group discussions



Phil Weller - 2015 Danube Water Conference Summary

Junaid Ahmad - 2015 Danube Water Conference

Fatos Hodaj - Lessons learned at the 2015 DWC

Faraj El-Awar - GWOPA and the 2015 DWC

Dejan Romic - On sharing GIS experiences

Teodor Popa - Benefits of the 2015 DWC

Teodor Popa - Most interesting lesson learned at the 2015 DWC

Baton Begolli - Regional events such as the 2015 DWC

Christophe Di Marco - The ORF and the DWP

Ivan Ivanov - The core value of the 2015 DWC

Dragan Chorobenski - Exchanging ideas at the 2015 DWC

Avni Dervishi - Impressions from the 2015 DWC

Silviu Lacatusu - Would you recommend participating in the DWP?



Photos of the Conference
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