Training workshop on water supply and sanitation regulation in Ukraine

25-26 August, Kyiv, Ukraine

As part of the DWP activity to support regulatory capacity building in Ukraine, as well as of the World Bank's Second Urban Infrastructure Project (UIP2) for Ukraine, the Bank and NERC, the Ukrainian regulator held a training workshop in Kyiv on 25-26 August 2015. Besides staff of the regulator, representatives of ten water supply and sanitation utilities that participate in the UIP2 attended the workshop. Overall, 42 participants from the Regulator plus WSS company managers, financial directors, chief engineers, and representatives from regional PMUs, the Central PMU, and Minregion participated in the event. This training was the first of a series planned to be carried-out under the UIP2, and benefitted from Danube Water Program funding.

The World Bank team invited distinguised international experts on regulation and representatives of EWRC, Bulgaria's Energy and Water Regulatory Commission. The workshop covered topics such as: why regulate WSS services; what to regulate; main responsibilities of a WSS Regulator and what a good WSS regulator should be doing; performance improvement measures and regulatory benchmarking; conditions for successful tariff regulation; pricing methodologies; tariff structures as well as uncertainty mechanisms; regulatory tariff review process; linking strategy to performance assessment; choosing the right metrics and going beyond metrics; links between investments and performance achievement; practical examples on data analysis through clustering and dynamic graphs; and various international practical examples.

Further information on the Second Urban Infrastructure Project for Ukraine


Michael Rouse - Regulation of WSS Services

Michael Rouse - Specificities of Regulating Public WSS Utilities

Ian Alexander - Price Regulation

Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulatory Commission - Quality and Price Regulation - Water & Sanitation Services in Bulgaria