UTVSI Seminar on Water Distribution Systems

4-6 August 2015, Belgrade, Serbia


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In cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Engineers and PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage as the host company, the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI) organized a seminar on water distribution systems in Belgrade from 4th to 6th of August.

The seminar was realized as part of joint European Professional Development Program for 2015. It was a unique opportunity for 130 licensed engineers from the area of drinking water supplying and waste water engineering, including six experts from Sarajevo Waterworks and Hydro Engineering Institute Sarajevo, to refresh and acquaint themselves with German water distribution standards.

After introductory words by Mr. Predrag Bogdanović, assembly chairman of UTVSI and executive director for development, design and investments of Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage, Ms. Aida Bučo Smajić, project manager of DVGW for South East Europe, greeted the attendants on behalf of DVGW, the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water.

Mr. Horst Schlicht, an expert and consultant of DVGW with impressive working experience in the management of Gelsenwasser from Essen, one of the most efficient and most successful water supply systems in the German Ruhr area, for three fulls days vividly and inspiringly spoke on principles, organization and above all on design, testing and disinfection, as well as on regular operations and conventional maintenance, but also on contemporary methods of water supply systems rehabilitation.

Besides basic rules of the W 400 series, the program of this educational seminar included other technical rules for drinking water supply, especially the rules and technical information within the grant program for issuing DVWG technical regulations in Serbian language, supported by the Danube Water Program. UTVSI, in addition to ten already issued rules and announcements, also issued eleven new rules with great significance for operations management of water supply companies in Serbia.

Despite difficult conditions for managing operations, water supply companies in Serbia showed remarkable interest for participation of their professionals in the seminar. A great number of participants is convinced that the publishing policy and good cooperation established with DVGW should be continued, with further improvement of educational programs and activities. This would lead to increased expertise of hydro-technical engineers and other technical staff, as well as to improved quality of drinking water supplying and reliability of water distribution systems.


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