Founding Assembly of the Association for South of Serbia Water Protection and Preservation (WASS)

9 June 2015, Niš, Serbia


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The Association for South of Serbia Water Preservation and Protection (WASS) has formally been established at the founding assembly held on 9 June 2015 in Niš. Founders and final beneficiaries of the Association will be 28 local government units and their respective water companies. The South of Serbia region covers almost 16% of the territory of Serbia, with 930,000 people living in this area. As a regional leader the Public Utility Company Naissus from Niš is one of the founding members of the Association; however, the Association will further strive to attract university institutions, non-governmental organisations, actors from the private sector, as well as all citizens of the South of Serbia, the direct beneficiaries of the various activities of the Association.

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Invitation to the Founding Assembly of WASS

Draft Agenda of the Founding Assembly of WASS


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