16th International Conference on Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

25 - 27 May 2016, Jahorina, Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This conference organised by UTVSI will bring together experts, academics and practitioners from the region to discuss options and solutions for improvement of water management, basically water supply and sanitation, provision of safe drinking water, hydro-technical and technological aspects of water supply systems, water protection - waste water treatment and sewerage services, capacity building of water supply and sewerage utility companies, Asset Management, regional cooperation in the framework of Danube Water Program - International Association of Waterworks in Danube Catchment Area- World Bank and water loss control programs. Meeting these challenges ensures that our societies are on the path to achieve the aims for which they were established. Organisers hope that this conference could be a contribution to solving the water issues at national level. All interested parties are invited to attend the conference, please contact office@utvsi.com.