Seminar on wastewater management and potable water supply

23 - 29 October 2016, Bavaria, Germany

The Ukraine Water Utility Association utility benchmarking program has supported utilities in improving their operations and organized at the end of October a study tour to Germany to learn more about utility and water management from Germany companies and government officials. The visit took place in the framework of the Partnership project of the between the Association and the Bavarian Environmental Agency and involved a focus on wastewater management and potable water supply for Ukrainian water and wastewater utilities. The Danube Water Program supported the participation of the utilities and was a positive example of cooperation between programs of support for the Association. The visit took place on 23-29 October 2016 and involved a presentation by Philip Weller on the Danube Water Program. In total, 14 Ukrainian water and wastewater utilities joined the week long study tour to water operators, and companies involved in the water business.

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