Leak Detection Competition

21 - 22 September 2017, Umag, Croatia

On 21-22 September 2017, the Croatian water and waste water utilities (HGVIK) organised a new type of event, the Leak Detection Competition, attched to a sports competition gathering with emphasis on technical educations held in Umag, Croatia. The aim of the Leak Detection Competition is to promote importance of water loss management. It was implemented by Jurica Kovac, a consultant for water loss management, in close coordination with HGVIK and financed in the frame of the Competitive Grant Project " Leak Detection Competition".

10 water utilities represented by 13 employees participated at this year's Leak Detection Competition, which was held in form of trial discipline, and the winner was and winner was Hvarski vodovod (water utility Hvar). Due to the positive feedback from the organizers and all participants the intention is to inlcude the Leak Detection Competition on an annual basis.