Water as a limited resource and water source protection

29 August 2017, Leskovac, Serbia

The Waterworks and Sewerage Association of Serbia and PUC "Waterworks" Leskovac, as a host, in cooperation with the Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI) and the Association for Public Utilities of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (SCC), on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 in the premises of the Leskovac Waterworks, organized the thematic conference "Water as a limited resource and water source protection".

In the frame of the conference Zorana Petrovic, Coordinator for International Cooperation of UTVSI and Commission President 165 - Standardization of Serbia, presented the project “Preparation for Introduction of Technical Safety Management in Serbian Water Supply Companies”, which was a Competitive Grant Project funded by the Danube Water Program.

Nebojsa Veljkovic, PhD, Head of the Water Quality Monitoring Department of the Agency for Environmental Protection of Serbia, held the presentation "Quality and Quantity of the Water of Serbia". Predrag Bogdanovic, President of the UTVSI Assembly, presented a report on the State of the Sector regarding Water Supply Companies in Serbia, which had been developed with the support of the World Bank and Serbian Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure.

Furthermore, the hosts organized a visit to the hydroelectric power plant Vucje, which has been operating since 1903, the reservoir Barje and control room and water treatment plant of the Leskovac waterworks.