IWA Young Water Professionals (YWP) Danube Regional Workshop

19 May 2017, Vienna, Austria

The first IWA YWP Danube Regional Workshop is organized by IAWD under the Danube Water Program and takes place in Vienna on 19 May 2017. It gathers the chairs of existing YWP chapters in the Danube region, YWP interested in setting-up a chapter, as well as YWP strongly involved in YWP activities in their countries.

The workshop introduces the International Water Associations (IWA) as well as the YWP Initiative and focuses on three questions, (i) what are the challenges YWP are facing in the region, (ii) how to increase collaboration among YWP, the water utility associations and IWA in the region and (iii) how to increase the participation of YWP in regional networking events, e.g the Danube Water Conference.

In total, 12 participants from 11 countries participate in the workshop, that is facilitated by IAWD, IWA and World Bank.

Photos of the Workshop