After consultations between the Danube Water Program and the local hosts, in Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH, and based on the growing concern surrounding the evolving situation of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Danube Water Forum scheduled for end of April will be postponed.

The Danube Water Program is aiming to hold the Forum this fall, and updates will be published once a new date has been selected. To keep up to date with the latest developments regarding the Danube Water Forum and the broader Danube Water Program, please sign up for the Danube Water Program Newsletter here.


Danube Water Forum

27 - 29 April 2020, Banja Luka, BiH

By introducing the Danube Water Forum IAWD and the Danube Water Program set out to close the gap between the now biennial Danube Water Conferences. The Forum will convene on April 27-29, 2020 in the Republika Srpska Government headquarters in Banja Luka, the capital of the Republika Srpska entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina, back to back with the 3rd Danube Hub Utility Benchmarking Workshop.

The Danube Water Program, run by IAWD and the World Bank and co-funded by the Austrian Government, organizes this conference in cooperation with the city and utility of Banja Luka and with support by the government and the water utility association of the Republika Srpska.

Themed “The Importance of Water Sector Data in the Digital Age”, the Forum will draw more than 150 senior water sector representatives from the Danube region to discuss the key role of high-quality water sector data as a basis for smart policies, strong utilities and sustainable services in the context of a water secure future for the people, economy and the environment.

Personal invitations have been sent out recently. A limited amount of tickets is avaialble for stakeholders who have not been invited, but wish to participate. The registration fee for non-invited participants amounts 50€. Please note that the Danube Hub Utility Benchmarking Workshop is only open for members of the Danube Hub. To register for the conference, please use the respective registration link