Access and Performance of Water and Wastewater Sector

Description of the activity

The objective of the activity was to generate reliable statistics on the state of access and performance of the water and sanitation sector in participating and neighboring countries of the Danube Water Program. Using micro data from available national household surveys, the review computed household access to services by consumption/expenditure quintiles, by asset/wealth quintiles, by region, by ethnicity, and urban/rural split. It also identified variables in these household surveys that inform about the performance of the sector (e.g. water quality, 24 hour water) and validate this information with utility data, where available. Apart from supporting the State of the Sector review with statistical evidence, the computed statistics will serve as input to the social impact analysis of tariff reform and enable more evidence-based policy decisions. A module will be prepared to enable easy updating with more recent survey data.

Implementation of the activity

The analysis has been finalized and used for the State of the Sector report. Currently, it is being worked on the proper documentation and organization of the results in order to facilitate their replication in other countries. This will also be used as a basis for the next State of the Sector review.