Support to the Albanian WSS Sector

The objective of the project is to support the Government of Albania in the validation and implementation of the Water Supply and Sanitation (WSS) Strategy and associated Master Plan, and provide a platform for an effective and efficient sector-based support by the EU. The project is being implemented in close collaboration with the Government, the EC and other donors.

While important building blocks of a sector-wide approach are in place key operational elements such as a clear sector financing policy, and a framework for the implementation of the strategy, are still missing and will be essential to ensure large-scale investments in the sector yield sustainable results. The activity will tentatively involve the following activities:

Validating and reviewing the existing sector strategy and master plan with the new administration as well as with local governments. This activity will involve discussing and adapting the current strategy with the support of sector stakeholders and donors.

Developing key implementation instruments to improve the quality and effectiveness of sector investments including the development of (a) Sector financing strategy, (b) a long-term institutional arrangement for the management of wastewater services, and (c) a concrete plan to roll out for utility strengthening, consolidation and regulation efforts of the strategy in parallel with the infrastructure investments. The Sector Financing strategy will outline an incentive framework aimed at achieving a more efficient and affordable service provision while following cost-recovery principles. The development of an institutional framework for wastewater services will be aimed at resolving sustainability challenges faced in the sector as most utilities have been unable to assure that sufficient resources are available to cover O&M costs of recently built WWTP. In particular looking at different institutional alternatives and specific financing structures that will allow to internalizing negative externalities (water pollution) based in the polluter payer principle. The utility strengthening plan is expected to provide inputs for the Governments reform on utility consolidation and complement activities supported by other donors.

The activity is largely funded by a European Commission grant but is complemented strategically by Danube Water Program resources.


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