Review of Aggregation Experience of Water and Wastewater Utilities

Description of the activity

The activity built on the preparatory and supporting work developed as part of the State of the Sector report. It made use of the growing IB-Net dataset available for Eastern Europe and explored in particular the differential performance of aggregated compared to non-aggregated utilities.

Implementation of the activity

Under the first phase of the program the proposed review of aggregation work based on 2-3 countries could not be completed as expected, largely due to data availability constraints. However, a comprehensive literature review was conducted and on that basis a significant analytical effort took place to determine the impact of aggregation processes on the performance of utilities in the existing IB-Net dataset. The main results have been published in the State of the Sector report and the supporting paper Utility Performance in the Danube Region: a review of trends and drivers is available at

Challenges and lessons learned

The main challenge was the lack of available data, which made it necessary to change the direction of the activity. At present, the conceptual work to design the second phase – an updated and more in depth review of the available data – is taking place.

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