State of the Sector Review

Description of the activity

The State of the Sector review is the analytical flagship product of the Danube Water Program and consists of a regional report and 16 country notes. The documents analyze the access to, organization, performance and financing of the water and sanitation services in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, FYR Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Implementation of the activity

The objective of the State of the Sector review was to create a comparative national and regional information and knowledge basis to focus subsequent policy actions in the water and sanitation (WSS) sector of the participating countries. Research was carried out over a period of several months by the authors and complemented with data collected by local consultants until February 2015. Between February and March data validation was carried out by a group of in-house consultants. The activity was completed as scheduled and in time for the 2015 Danube Water Conference, where the report was officially launched. The report presents a first time study of the water and sanitation sector on a regional level in the countries of the Danube watershed and therefore allows for a comparison between the countries against the backdrop of EU integration, which is a driving factor for the great majority of the 16 countries. The report has been distributed among relevant institutions in and outside the region and presented at several events. Responding to the demand from counterparts in the region, the report and several country notes have been translated into various local languages and are available at

Challenges and lessons learned

Overall the report was very well received by clients, partners and counterparts in and outside the region. Validation of the data collected in-country by local consultants, however, turned out to be a challenge as the access to and quality of the data varied significantly from country to country. The questionnaire the consultants filled out in order to make the data and information comparable, has been revised to reflect the experience gained in terms of usefulness of data and streamlined units of measurements. For the second edition of the State of the Sector review in 2018, more time and resources will be spent on selecting the local consultants and instructing them on data collection and the use of the questionnaire.

2018 Update

The State of the Sector report is being updated in 2018 with the latest data since its fi rst edition. It will:

1) Generate new analysis of identified trends in the last three years on different dimensions, and specifi cally on utility performance and cost efficiency

2) Incorporate new available evidence in other key areas identifi ed as knowledge gaps in the previous State of the Sector edition, on which the authors endeavored to undertaking further work under the Danube Water Program (status of the services in rural areas usually beyond public utility reach, wastewater management, and long-term sustainability) and evidence/trends from other ongoing relevant regional initiatives (including gender and age considerations for a modern utility workforce)

3) Identify key risks and knowledge gaps in the area of climate change, in anticipation of a next edition of the State of the Sector under a potential third phase of the Danube Water Program, which will look at broader water security aspects.

The report will incorporate results from previous analytical work performed on rural water and sanitation services and gender equality in water utilities. The data collection for the 2018 update has been launched and will be undertaken in the following couple of months. It is expected that the final report will be launched and presented at the 2018 Danube Water Conference.


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