Capacity Development

Strengthening utilities in their efforts to provide efficient and sustainable services is a key focus of the Danube Water Program. The Program is supporting capacity development in complex managerial topics for which existing training and traditional ex-cathedra approaches are ill suited. The Danube Water Program’s capacity development activities rely on IAWD’s overall planning and coordination, jointly with national waterworks associations. IAWD usually conducts a competitive process to identify a strong technical partner, either among partner utilities and universities in the region or in the private sector, to develop content and support its implementation. Local partners—most often waterworks associations—develop “hubs” providing capacity development to utilities in their area and language. Capacity development programs generally last between 6 and 12 months and help teams of staff members, rather than individual professionals, to develop concrete results for their utility. Utilities pay a participation fee to cover part of the costs, and national hubs are expected to continue developing the training offerings after the initial pilot.

Based on stakeholder consultations, initial capacity development efforts have been targeted at four areas of utility management: asset management, utility benchmarking, energy efficiency, and commercial and business practices.

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