Danube Learning Partnership - D-LeaP

Phase 1 of the Danube Water Program Program highlighted a strong demand for high-quality, on-the-job capacity building. A November 2015 Survey on Capacity Building Programs conducted by IAWD, found that only around 50% of respondents were satisfied with the capacity building options available in their country. The rest pointed out the benefits of international and interregional cooperation to enhance the quality of those options, in particular because of the opportunities to exchange experience and knowledge and establish a network of people working on similar problems.

Thus, Phase 2 focuses on the development of the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP), which is designed as a regional, integrated and sustainable capacity building initiative of national water utility associations and IAWD and provides a comprehensive curriculum to the staff of water supply and sanitation utilities located in the Danube region. D-LeaP has been established as a committee of IAWD with governance from national water utility associations.

The primary target audience of D-LeaP programs consists of the water and wastewater utility companies of the countries in the Danube region and their management and technical staff. Out of the 17 countries that are covered by D-LeaP, utilities in 12 countries are expected to have a particular interest in D-LeaP programs based on the level of development of their utility sector: those are Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Ukraine.

For further information on D-LeaP, please visit the website www.d-leap.org.