Sector Governance and Structure Support

On the regional level, the Danube Water Program on the one hand aims to provide interested and committed government counterparts with the appropriate knowledge, exposure and expertise to support their sector modernization efforts. On the other hand, it works to develop more knowledge on requirements and challenges of EU accession process in water sector among responsible ministries and water agencies in the region.

Regarding sector modernization, the activity started with a broad, three-day utility sector reform kick-off workshop focused on issues raised by the participants and local / European experiences, with the idea of bringing most participants to the same level of understanding, facilitating the exchange of experiences among participants, and also creating a sense of team spirit.

The process of EU integration and consequent requirement for harmonization with EU water directives represents a driving factor of change in the water sector throughout the Danube region. Due to the political and economic diversity among countries in the region, there is a wide difference in current EU membership status between individual countries. Since almost all DWP participating countries still not EU members have declared their objective toward EU membership, there is a need to build knowledge on requirements and consequences of EU integration for a water sector, using the knowledge that already exist among EU member countries. A regional EU accession cross support workshop in the water sector was therefore be held in Zagreb, Croatia in late September 2015.

Regional EU accession cross support in the water sector