WSS Association Strengthening & Support

Description of the activity

IAWD and the Danube Water Program aim at strengthening the national water supply and wastewater associations of Southeast, Eastern and Central Europe. Strong associations will be leading actors in policy discussions, and will make valuable contributions to improved utility efficiency by providing training opportunities for their members.

Implementation of the activity

The national associations of the Danube region are working on deepening and formalizing their partnership, with IAWD acting as a facilitator. The plan is to launch this new chapter in cooperation in early 2016.

IAWD already coordinates roundtable meetings of national associations every six months, which serve a number of purposes. They are platforms for dialogue between the associations, ensure the flow of information about Danube Water Program activities in each country, provide input to these activities, and allow for the development of common actions to strengthen the associations.

The associations are currently at different levels of providing systematic and thorough capacity development activities for the utility workforce. In line with the deepened partnership, IAWD and the associations are therefore jointly refining a concept for designing and carrying out such activities for water supply and sanitation utilities in the Danube region called the Danube Learning Partnership (D-LeaP). This program will involve both the development of a common curriculum, and the selection and training of international and national trainers for delivering the program. By utilizing synergies and economies of scale, it will be possible to create an economically sustainable capacity development program in Southeast, Eastern and Central Europe.

In the second phase of the Danube Water Program, IAWD supports all national associations in the development of a business plan. Where a business plan has already been elaborated, IAWD support focuses on the implementation of some activities envisaged therein. In total, nine associations have completed their Business Plans so far.

This activity builds on the work done by SHUKALB within Competitive Grant 12: Develop a Training Course for the Preparation of a Strategic Business Plan for Water Associations.


Challenges and lessons learned

As this activity involves a great number of stakeholders, some organizational questions remain open for discussion. For example, the strengthened capacity development program will likely extend to water safety planning and to training on how to access funding. It could establish benchmarking as the basis for cooperation, and it could organize knowledge exchange in novel ways.


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