Competitive Grant 11:

Developing a Framework and Business Model for a Regional Water Supply and Wastewater Training Center in the Western Balkans

Albania - Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB)


Description of the activity

The Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB) received a grant from IAWD to undertake preparations for establishing a regional water supply and wastewater-training center in the Western Balkans. The associations ADKOM from Macedonia, UVCG from Montenegro, and SHUKOS from Albania were associate partners in this project. Activities started in March 2014 and were finished in March 2015.

Implementation of the activity

Under this grant project, SHUKALB assembled regional water supply and sanitation associations. These associations were already cooperating under the umbrella of the Western Balkans Partnership of Water Associations agreement, signed in 2010. The associations’ aim now is to establish a network for training delivery by cooperating with existing facilities, such as universities and vocational training institutes.

SHUKALB hired an international expert on capacity development to facilitate the creation of a framework and business model concept for such a training network. In three workshops held in summer and autumn 2014, representatives of all four associations built consensus on the concept. They also developed actions plans assigning roles and responsibilities to each of them in order to ensure a functioning and lively network. The business plan created in the process includes information on the current training environment in the region; analyzes similar training centers worldwide; provides a model for financial sustainability through self-financing mechanisms; and offers a perspective for possible inclusion of further partners in the Greater Balkans region.

The associations are now aiming to formalize their cooperation, to increase awareness for the necessity of a sustainable setup for continuous training of the workforce, and to build stakeholder support.

Challenges and lessons learned

Establishing a training network for the Western Balkans’ workforce in the water supply and sanitation sector will strengthen the associations, while also deepening their cooperation. Valuable training programs can become core activities of the associations. Teaming up internationally will provide for economies of scale where small countries face challenges in developing and offering trainings individually.

As IAWD is working towards increased cooperation in capacity building in the entire Danube region, synergies will come up between the efforts undertaken by the team around SHUKALB and by IAWD.


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