Competitive Grant 3:

Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Water Training Center and the water utilities in order to boost operational practice of the water utilities

Romania - Asociaţia Română a Apei (ARA)
Description of the activity

The objective of this competitive grant project is (i)to boost the operational practice of water utilities by strengthening the institutional capacity of the Water Training Center (WTC), (ii) to transfer international good practice and knowledge and (iii) to attract new members from the pool of Young Water Professionals.

Implementation of the activity

The project supports the WTC in its efforts to disseminate international good practices and to prepare four updated curricula for trainings in the following areas: communication, wastewater treatment, human resources and non-revenue water. The target group is 25 persons from the operational and middle management of water utilities who, once selected and trained, shall become future trainers of the WTC in each specific area.

Additionally, around 20 Young Water Professionals shall participate in a summer school where they shall improve their personal communication skills to bring them closer to the water sector, as well as increase the visibility of the WTC in common activities with Young Water Professionals.

Expected Results

The training curricula, developed initially for the DEX summer school, assemble and integrate postgraduate course material by different specialists from leading research groups around the world. These curricula were subsequently translated and adapted by the trainers – two selected YWPs - in order to offer a broad and thorough overview of biological wastewater treatment processes and practices to 23 Romanian Young Water Professionals.

It is expected that ARA will include a utility improvement action plan for the training participants, to be filled out at the end of the course.