Competitive Grant 6:

Editing Technical Rules for Drinking Water and Wastewater in Bosnian Language

Bosnia and Herzegovina - UC Vodovod i Kanalizacija Sarajevo


Description of the activity

Vodovod i Kanalizacija (ViK) Sarajevo, the city’s water and wastewater utility, implemented this competitive grant project under the supervision of IAWD. The public enterprise collaborated closely with the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW). Activities started in October 2014 and were finished in September 2015.

Implementation of the activity

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s legal setup currently does not mandate any entity to set technical regulations in the water supply and sanitation sector. The public utility company Vodovod i Kanalizacija Sarajevo therefore worked with IAWD and DVGW to transpose parts of Germany’s body of technical regulations into Bosnia’s legal framework.

The project team initially proposed 22 technical rules for translation and adaption. After additional consultations with DVGW, ViK Sarajevo exchanged a number of these proposed rules in order to get several complete and coherent packages of directly related items. The revised selection also respects complementarities with competitive grant project 5, the translation of DVWG rules into Serbian by the Serbian association UTVSI. Packages of translated technical rules now establish procedures in fields such as cathodic corrosion protection and in design, O&M and rehabilitation of water tanks.

ViK Sarajevo and DVGW organized three training sessions for the working groups concerned with the translation and adaptation of the technical rules. These training sessions were held in June and July 2015. The project team needed to identify the relevant national institutions to fulfil their German counterparts’ role. The team also considered deviations from the original, which might be necessary due to specific circumstances in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In August 2015, several team members attended the seminar on water distribution systems organized by UTVSI and held in Belgrade. The translated and adapted technical rules were released in September 2015.

Challenges and lessons learned

This project highlighted the need to establish and continuously develop a set of technical rules in the water and wastewater sector. ViK Sarajevo got a detailed insight into standardization processes in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It could draw on experiences made in the gas sector and benefitted greatly from support by DVGW. The utility has been keeping close contact with all levels of government to push for an institutionalization of standard setting. Continuing its good cooperation with DVGW and IAWD, initiating cooperation with other associations in the region, and editing additional German technical rules in Bosnian are further focus areas for ViK Sarajevo’s future work.


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