Competitive Grant 7:

Development of GIS for the Water and Sewage Network of East Sarajevo

Bosnia and Herzegovina - UC Vodovod i Kanalizacija East Sarajevo


Description of the activity

Within the competitive grant window offered by IAWD through the Danube Water Program, the public utility company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” East Sarajevo received a grant to develop a GIS database of its network infrastructure. This database would be a prerequisite for improving the water and wastewater services delivered by the utility. Activities started in February 2014 and were finished in May 2015.

Implementation of the activity

Once this grant project started, the utility company “Vodovod i kanalizacija” East Sarajevo undertook a range of activities to establish a comprehensive database of their distribution and collection systems, including technical assets such as valves and hydrants.

Dejan Romic at the 2015 Danube Water Conference

7-8 May 2015, Vienna, Austria

Could your experiences in GIS systems help other utilities?

The utility hired a consultant to train their staff in the use of GIS environments. While the training touched upon a wide range of topics necessary for effective and efficient work with GIS technologies, the focus was on how to put data into the newly acquired software MapInfo Professional. Utility staff aggregated existing analog and digital documentation in MapInfo Professional and linked it to the utility’s economic information database, allowing for future analysis and hydraulic modelling.

Expanding the scope of existing documentation, the utility acquired and used geodesic equipment to further assess and document the positioning of the distribution and collection systems. Utility staff also established a database of consumers, which is now linked to the GIS system.

Challenges and lessons learned

Prior to getting an overview of the existing distribution and collection networks, the team of “Vodovod i kanalizacija” East Sarajevo found itself unable to substantially improve their service delivery.

The utility therefore laid the groundwork for future activities by mapping over 90% of the water supply network and over 60% of the sewer network, as well as by accomplishing over 90% completion of the consumer database upon conclusion of the grant project. Network and consumer information is now centrally and easily accessible.

Based on these achievements, next steps in improving East Sarajevo water and wastewater services could be the adoption of asset management procedures, efforts to reduce non-revenue water, and participation in utility benchmarking programs.



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