Competitive Grant 1:

Developing a Utility Management Training Program Curricula Framework for the Water and Wastewater Utility Managers in the Danube Region

Albania - Water Supply and Sewerage Association of Albania (SHUKALB)


Description of the activity

The objective of the competitive grant project is to develop a Training Program on Water Utility Management for the top managers and commercial managers of water and wastewater utilities in the Danube River Catchment Area and to define the most effective delivery method, across the region, for the Training Program.

Implementation of the activity

The activities foreseen would include:

  • Establishment of an International Group of Subject Matter Experts who will be engaged with the development of the Training Program Curricula
  • Establishment of an Advisory Group of distinguished Water Utility Directors in the Danube Region to review and comment on the Training Program Curricula
  • Establishment of an Advisory Group of recognized academics in Management and Public Administration Faculties, who would review and comment the Training delivery methods that should be considered
  • Collection of curricula currently being used by recognized faculties and institutes in Europe and other developed countries
  • Development of detailed Curricula for the Training Program, with details on the specific topics to be covered, contact hours per each topic, and total contact hours for the Program 
  • Development of a recommended delivery method for the Training Program
Expected Results

The results of the project will include the development of the full Training Program Material inlcuding all course materials and instructor (trainer) guides, as well as the supporting visual aids as well as the development and training of the national instructors (trainer), in order to facilitate the training in the local languages of the Danube region.