Competitive Grant 10:

Preparation for introduction of technical safety management in Serbian water supply public utility companies

Serbia - Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering (UTVSI)


Description of the activity

DVGW Technical Safety Management (TSM) for water supply companies is a specific technical safety management tool which refers to all related legislation / regulation, all related technical rules and standards which should be respected by a water supply company. The aim of this competititve grant project is to develop the capacity of UTVSI for implementation of TSM and to raise awareness of the need for TSM among water utilities to provide safe water supply.

Implementation of the activity

TSM represents a management measure to guarantee correct implementation of the Technical Standards. The main aim of the TSM is to support supply companies in legal certainty of their organizational structure and operational processes and to guarantee a safe and hygienic water supply. The TSM inspection certificate documents the success of this process and fulfillment of requirements of technical safety.

The Preparation phase for introduction of TSM will be executed with the intention to improve risk based process oriented management in all phases of water supply chain through the implementation of the DVGW extended WHO Water Safety Plans. In a first step, the TSM relevant DVGW Technical Rules for drinking water have to be translated in Serbian language. Furhtermore, TSM experts of UTVSI who would be capable to provide training, consultancy, and advisory services for TSM both at national and regional level, have to be trained and certiefied. Selected UTVSI experts will be trained and mentored by DVGW experienced staff with the final examination of UTVSI experts.

Expected Results

The new consultancy and training modules for TSM will be developed and established within the UTVSI Competence Education Centre for Serbia and the region and a pre-assessment survey will be carried out among water supply utilities in the Danube region based on a tailored questionnaire regarding expectations and interests for TSM implementation.