Competitive Grant 2:

Improving service quality and efficiency via implementing a GIS monitoring system and a wide informational campaign in the new regionalised service area

Albania - Korce Water Supply and Sewerage Company


Description of the activity

The Korca Water Supply and Sewerage Company is the biggest entity of the southeastern part of Albania. Since July 2015 changes on the way the territorial divisions of the administrative centers are organized. This administrative reform brought the Korca Utlity in front of a big challenge: to offer the same qualitative and cost effective services also to the new rural areas, investing and managing the water and sewer networks in this area.

The objective of this competitive grant project is to develop an integrated asset inventory that includes the existing infrastructure and newly added one in order to cover the whole service area, keep track of the asset changes and improve the water service and bring it to the acceptable standard.

Implementation of the activity

For this reason, Korca Utility need to develop GIS system in order to use it for diverse tasks, in particular for preparing a complete asset management for the whole service area. The GIS system is planned to be developed in a step-by-step approach with specific activities related to collecting the raw data concerning the existing infrastructure networks, system building and implementation of investment plan.

The GIS will be web-based tool for collecting, storing and viewing harmonized geodata for the Korca region. The main objectives of the system architecture should be (i) integrating the existing and future information data sources for the Korca region, (ii) increase the effectiveness of the offered services, (iii) building up an integrated asset inventory, (iv) costs optimization and (v) better investment planning.

Expected Results

Beside asset inventory, the outputs of the project Part inlcude a reliable client database and communication with customers and stakeholders (sharing information through embedded maps on website, community education, integration with customer information systems). Furthermore, a public information campaign is envisaged to deliver a credible and understandable message that influence the behavior of the audience towards the water and sewerage services (providing printed information material and informing via local media).