Competitive Grant 3:

The establishment of a Center for Monitoring and Reduction of losses

BiH - JSC Vodovod Banja Luka


Description of the activity

The objective of this competitive grant project is the systematic monitoring of measurement zones and reduction of technical losses based on the knowledge gained through the program for infrastructure assets management.

Implementation of the activity

Utility Banja Luka has participated in the DWP supported Asset Management capacity building program. Ultimate commitment of the Utility is to continue to use the acquired knowledge in this program and therefore a significant part of the financial and operational capacity has been focused on improvements applying integrated asset management approach. This has already resulted in update of cadastral maps, amendment of technical and commercial databases, geo-referencing of the consumers connected to the network and establishment of DMA zones.

Based on the above achieved results, a good foundation was built for creating investment plans as well as systematic monitoring and reduction of losses by monitoring the DMA zones. At the same time, it has been recognized that increase in number of DMA zones and their monitoring on a daily basis, requires amendment of the existing software solution related to the register of infrastructure assets with the additional module for water losses management. The model will use information from the existing technical and commercial databases.


The Center for Monitoring and Reduction of Water Losses was successfully esatblished. The preparations involved the installation of seven flow meters in the newly established DMA zones as well as the procurement of the additional software module for water loss management and the training of staff how to use it. As the software uses information of the existing commercial database, the data of 5000 consumers were georeferenced and verified onsite. It is estimated that that establishment of a centralized monitoring will significantly contribute to more efficient work as well as to significant reduction of technical water losses.

Finally, achieved results were presented to other water utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Meeting of the Association of Waterworks of Republika Srpska in Jahorina, BiH in May 2017.