Competitive Grant 4:

The active control of losses in water supply system of East Sarajevo

BiH - UC VIK, East Sarajevo


Description of the activity

The objective of this competitive grant project is to reduce water losses in the water supply system managed by the Utility Company of East Sarajevo, which are currently about 50%. Therefore, some of the basic identified strategic objectives and priority actions for reducing the high percentage of NRW are (i) GIS development, (ii) reduction of water losses in the system in order to provide sufficient quantities of water from existing sources, (iii) creating a hydraulic model of the water supply system and (iv) introduce SCADA remote control system.

Implementation of the activity

Utility Company East Sarajevo has implemented several projects to modernize and strengthen its capacity. Despite these projects, and because of generally low investments and inadequate maintenance, condition of the water supply system is still not satisfactory, resulting in a high percentage of the NRW.

Utility Company has not developed continuous system for monitoring and control over the system. After implementation of the project “Development of GIS for water and sewerage networks in East Sarajevo”, funded by the IAWD through DWP, and the formation of a GIS database, the first prerequisite for improving the management of water supply and sewerage system both in terms of reduction of water losses and planning of water and sewerage network operation and maintenance, has been established. The project has enabled connection of GIS database with commercial database, which enabled important analysis to be carried out.

The next logical step in the development and modernization of the water supply system is the active control of water losses, which will be implemented with the necessary equipment for continuous monitoring of flow and pressure in the district metering areas (DMAs). All DMAs will be defined using IWA methodology, and will contribute to the system modelling, optimization, and finally – active control of losses. For this project, one pilot zone will be defined in the settlement with 5,000 house connections and approximately 3,000 inhabitants. The settlement has been chosen due to its variety of consumers: residential houses, office buildings and small factory for wood processing. Working in the pilot DMA, hydraulic model will be tested, which will be also contributing to its further expansion to the whole system.

Expected Results

Utility Company East Sarajevo is aware that smaller neighboring Utilities have no possibility to finance equipment for active control of water losses, and that they are generally very poorly equipped when it comes to even basic pressure and flow meters. Therefore Utility Company East Sarajevo will organize a demonstration training to the other interested utilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, hoping to give an impetus to these companies to actively tackle the issue of NRW reduction in their daily work.