Competitive Grant 6:

Leak Detection Competition

Croatia - Croatian Water and Wastewater Association (HGVIK)


Description of the activity

Main aim of the competitive grant project is to present relevance and importance of continuous education the frame of a leak detechtion competition. Final goal is to extend competition events regularly, at least once a year in Croatia, and then to expand the concept in other neighboring countries in the region.

Implementation of the activity

The Leak Detection Competition should be organised as annual event, where water utility employees responsible for leak detection activities compete to find leaks with best possible accuracy as fast as possible. At the location of the competition event, a section of the water distribution network with one of few known, but invisible leaks will be prepared / selected. Exact location of the leak(s) will be known only to competition organizers (who are excluded from competition itself). Each team participating in the competition will use its own equipment for leak detection.

Leak Detection Competition event will be preferably organized as part of the overall program of annual gathering of all Croatian water and sanitation utilities – within one planned for May 2017.

Expected Results

After completion of the practical competition, technical presentations about new knowledge and/or new technologies related to leak detection and water loss management will be organized. This project has also a promotional character – promotion of the concept among educational institutions in Croatia, presentation to professional associations of water utilities in other countries of the region and to the public in general via public statements, web portal and media announcements.


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