Asset Management

DWP program ‘Establishing and Operation an IAWD Asset Management Regional Services Hub’ is capacity building program which support participating Utilities in introducing AM practices in their daily operations.

While whole AM framework is a goal to be achieved, actual working program is designed based on maturity of utilities from involved countries from the region (18 Utilities from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Serbia) for implementation on-the-job concept for the most effective results achieving.

After initial assessment of Utilities, actual phase concerning generation of GIS based AM registers is in progress. Some of Utilities are working on creation of such a register from the scratch, while some of Utilities (more mature) are working on fixing discrepancies and clearing up network topology.

Visits of AM Hub people to Utilities and vice versa, visits of Utility people to AM Hub, are in the late phase, aiming to speed up Utility work and to clear up some of misunderstandings. Already three workshops was conducted (included first intro), following is preparing for April, where Utility people are delivered with awareness raising presentations and trained with requested AM techniques.


2nd Workshop on Asset Management


- Presecno stanje projekta

- CDE(1)

- Neusaglasenost podataka

- IAWD AM Hub – Network Asset Management Principles 2.0(1)


1st Conference/Workshop on Asset Management

25/26 June, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During the period 25th and 26th of June 2014 the AM team organised the 1st Conference/Workgroup with the participating Utilities in Jahorina, Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Monday, 23 July 2018


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