Benchmarking Hub for Urkaine

Description of the activity

As part of the Phase 1 of the Danube Water Program a regional hub for utility benchmarking in Ukraine has been established. In other parts of the Danube region, equivalent hubs have been created through the Danube Water Program. These hubs form part of the European Benchmarking Co-operation’s (EBC) Europe-wide network of similar entities.

Implementation of the activity

IAWD cooperates with UKRVODOKANALEKOLOGIA, the Ukrainian Association of Water Utilities, to manage this work program. EBC acts as a facilitator, provides support where needed and in March 2015 trained the hub coordinator Viktoria Iskova in a workshop in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In the frame of the Yaremche Conference (Ukraine) a Round table on DWP and the Ukrainian Benchmarking Project was organized in early February 2015. In May 2015 an initial orientation and training workshop was hosted in Kiev and attended by representatives of eight Ukrainian water and wastewater utilities. The workshop elaborated on the concept of benchmarking and introduced the participants to EBC’s methodology and options of on-line tool for data collection.

As a result of the initial workshop all eight utilities joined the Benchmarking Hub. The Hub coordinator accompanied by a technical expert conducted trips to all utilities to collect a standard set of 2014 performance data as required for the EBC Benchmarking methodology. Between June and November 2015, the first cycle of data collection, input into EBC’s online system, verification, correction and analysis was carried out. A comparison of utilities and the identification of existing performance gaps were presented at a workshop held in December 2015 in Kiev. Final individual Reports were issued in English and Ukrainian languages.

In the period February to May 2016 the recruitment process for the second cycle of the Benchmarking project took place. In early June 2016 representatives of 14 utilities attended a training workshop in Kiev repeating the data processing exercise with performance data from 2015. In addition, the Ukrainian Benchmarking Hub organized a one week study tour to Bavaria on wastewater management and potable water supply in October 2016 in cooperation with the Danube Water Program and the Bavarian Environmental Agency. In total, representatives of 14 Ukrainian utilities joined the tour to visit water operators, and companies involved in the water business.

The final seminar of the second Benchmarking project cycle was held on 16-17 January 2017 and attended by 3 representatives per each of the 14 participating utilities (mostly director and two nominated staff). Based on successful outcomes of second Benchmarking Project Cycle the Danube Water Program will continue to support a third cycle of Benchmarking in the Ukrainian Hub.

Challenges and lessons learned

Based on the results for 2015-2016, it can be concluded that the main objectives of the project were met, which are (i) to make benchmarking popular among water operators as an approach for performance improvements, (ii) to introduce to WSSCs internationally imposed/recognized indicators for measuring performance, (iii) to create professional environment and to support the team building process within utilities.


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