Danube Regional Benchmarking Initiative

Description of the activity

IAWD with the support of the Danube Water Program has over the past three years managed and pilot tested a Utility Benchmarking Program for Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities together with the European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) and water utility associations in the Danube countries. The program has involved the creation of national/subregional Hubs (with a local Benchmarking Coordinator) using the platform and services of EBC for data upload and individual company report preparation.

The new Danube Regional Benchmarking Initiative will complement the current system of national/subregional hubs for carrying out Benchmarking in national language at national/subregional level by expanding the program to offer participation in a leading utilities initiative at the Danube regional level involving 17 countries.

Primary objective of the new Danube Regional Benchmarking Initiative is to help leading utilities, located within the Danube region to further improve their services by benchmarking drinking water- and wastewater activities with high performing utilities of similar size and conditions. Next to a thorough assessment of a utility’s performance, the program offers participants benchmarking workshops and platform/utility network to learn from leading/best practices and innovations.

Implementation of the activity

By establishing the Danube Hub, IAWD is upgrading the existing national and sub-regional Hubs, in order to support capacity building and the sharing of knowledge and experience among its members and other utilities located in the Danube region. The new Danube Hub is managed by IAWD with the support of the newly assigned Hub coordinator Aleksandar Kristic and is operated under the Utility Benchmarking Program for Water Supply and Sanitation Utilities offered under D-LeaP.

The European Benchmarking Cooperation (EBC) acts as Technical Partner of IAWD and provides the methodology as well as the IT platform for the benchmarking exercise. The program offers three different assessment levels (basic, standard and advanced). For maximum added value, participants are encouraged to choose the highest possible level. Which level best fits a utility depends on the availability of reliable data, benchmarking experience and ambition.

By subscribing to the Danube Hub, participants will receive a first workshop for orientation & training, access to the EBC online platform, several reports (exception report, draft company report and individual company report), a benchmarking workshop and a utility leaders dinner.

Further Information

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